Monday, December 31, 2012

New Year, New Circuits

You know what motivates me to workout? Watching how-to workout videos! I love scouring YouTube for new exercise and new trainers. New videos come out all the time, so there's always something to see! 

This time I discovered QuickieChick's YouTube channel. She's adorable! Check her out, she has makeup and dating advice, as well as quick, simple workouts to add to your daily routine. 

I get bored really easy when I'm working out. I find that the best way to keep myself motivated and engaged is by switching up my routine every time I go! Circuits are my favorite way to workout because you're burning more calories in a short amount of time. 30 minutes and you're golden. Perfect for on the go moms. 

Here's a list of new workouts I'll be adding to my circuit routine to spice it up a bit! Some of these were completely new to me so I included links to their how-to articles and videos. 

mid walk planks
upper body spinning in squat (She's doing it in a chair, but in kickboxing class we always did this one in a squat. Feel the burn!)
speed skating in place
mountain climbers
squat jumps
cardio scissors
Pink's ab workout routine
Hand walks

My New Year's Day routine will look like this: 

Kettle bell swings
Tricep curls
Speed skates
Mountain climbers
Cardio scissors
Upperbody spinning
Mid Walk Planks
Pink's ab workout

I don't normally go with a fixed number of reps. I kind of just start to do the exercise, then do 3 more reps past the time I feel like I want to stop. So if I get to 17 and my body says "omg I can't do this anymore!" then I push out 3 more and call it good. (That doesn't count if you're in pain, if something you are doing actually hurts in a bad way, then stop). 

I try to repeat circuits as many times as possible, but like I said, I get bored, which is why it's important for me to constantly change up my routine. 

Are any of the workouts I listed familiar to you? What kind of workout is your favorite? 

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Just Another Magic Thursday - Flooded Laundry Room, Les Miserables, Turkish Get Ups

I had so many great plans for today. I was going to see Les Mis for the second time. I was going to deep clean the house with my new Melaleuca products. I was going to hit the gym and bust some chub off my ass.

Needless to say none of that happened.

First, I woke up to an unhappy Mr. C who, I guess, had been up all night with Dad while I enjoyed a full nights rest. Of course, that meant that Mr. Eight was ready to hit the sack as soon as I was crawling out of it at 7 this morning. So much for deep cleaning the house while Mr. Eight played with the kids.

I saw Les Mis Christmas night. Pretty much the best movie of my generation. Nothing will top this, I'm certain. Best movie of my lifetime.

I was really hoping to see it again with another friend during nap time, but after a less than successful morning with a clingy Mr. C, I decided to call off our plans. It was a good thing too when Mr. Eight suddenly got called into work just after noon.

Oh, why was my morning less than successful you ask? Why that would be because I FLOODED MY FREAKING LAUNDRY ROOM. /smh

This is the day I'm having. I immediately poured myself a vodka and cranberry juice (it was weak, you nay sayers). My procrastination saved my butt when the huge pile of blankets and laundry in the floor soaked up most of the mess. That didn't stop the water from leaking into the garage, the lanai, down the hallway, into the bathroom, and inching towards the living room. Thank god for tile floors.

The house is still a mess. I cancelled plans with my friend. And since Mr. Eight had to go to work the gym is a no-go. Oh, and I'm sure there's standing water under my washer and dryer.

In the meantime I looked up some workouts to inspire myself to workout later when hubz gets home. Ever heard of a Turkish Get-Up? I did a set of these at the gym this week and it kicked my ass, try it! If you Google it you'll see a lot of body builders pulling ridiculous stunts like this fine fellow, but it's also something that beginners can do. This is a pretty good step-by-step explanation of how to do it right. Like he says in the video, when you're using super low weights it'll be easy to skimp on form, but if you do build up to bigger weights you need to make sure you're doing it right.

I also found this Workout Builder on Might try using this next time.

Happy Thursday everyone!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Feels good to be back!

Oh blog! How I have missed thee!

It's been nigh on a month since my last post, and boy do I feel guilty! Where did this month go? I have no idea, but it's nearly over. Christmas is days away and then it's on to 2013! (As long as the world doesn't end of course).

My mom was here visiting for 4 weeks, it was so nice having her around to spend time with the kids and fold my laundry. Sigh. I need a grandma here more often!

The big news in my life right now is that I'm done with school. I got my BA last spring and then dove right into an online graduate program this fall. Bad idea! I am so tired. We PCS'd to Hawaii in fall of 2010. I started at UH Manoa that next spring and haven't stopped until now. That's 2 years of school, during which time I had a second child and moved across island to a new house. I am exhausted.

It feels AMAZING to have so much freedom now. There are so many craft projects I want to do, pounds I am going to lose (see the positive form I used there?), and activities I can do with my kids. I'm putting together a bucket list for the last 2 years we have left in Hawaii (I'll share it with you soon), and I'm excited to start ticking some of those off too!

So much to look forward to!

Hope you're having a fantastic holiday season!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Fighting Fleas Naturally... Still

I don't even know how long it's been since one of my two cats brought fleas home. She'd been escaping into the backyard and ignorant Alaskan that I am I didn't think much of it. Fleas in Hawaii are bionic beasts that never know winter, they just keep breeding, growing more resistant to flea medications every generation. 

The first time we tried to get rid of them the day went like this: We took the cats for a flea dip, and while we were gone we bombed the house with three bombs. Before leaving I sprayed the carpets with a very expensive flea killer from the vets office. When we got back it seemed like maybe our ordeal was over. I mean, the house was filled with chemicals, and the cats were covered in chemicals, but that was better than fleas right? Wrong! Not only did the fleas not go away, but they decided that my kids were a lot safer to live on than the cats! I picked fleas off my kids for two weeks until the flea dip must have worn off and they moved back to the cats. I'd had enough of crazy chemicals in my house, obviously it was a waste of time and money. 

In my quest to rid my home of fleas here are a few things I've tried that seemed to work. 

1. Place a bowl of water onto a tray and squirt a little dish soap into the bowl. It doesn't have to be a lot, just enough to break the surface tension of the water. Test it out with something that would normally float, if it sinks to the bottom you've done good! Put the tray where ever you think the fleas are hanging out, under the couch, bed, in the back of the closet, you get the picture. The fleas will jump into the bowl of water and sink! Suckers! 

2. Use tip number 1 when you are combing the fleas from your animals and knocking them into water. I had read that a bowl of bleach water would kill fleas, but they float and jump back out! You have to break the surface tension by adding soap to the water. 

Fun Fact! Did you know that fleas have been around since the Jurassic? Once upon a 165 million years ago, giant fleas sucked dinosaur blood! These fleas were 5-10 times bigger than modern fleas! - Source

3. Salt. Sprinkle fine salt into the carpet and let it sit over night or for a day. The salt apparently has jagged edges that cut the fleas and eggs. Let the fleas jump through the salt all day then vacuum them up! 

4. Continuing from tip 3.. a study from Ohio State University several years ago showed that the majority of fleas were killed once vacuumed. The theory is that the brush and suction wears away the waxy coating on the fleas that keep them hydrated. Basically they die of dehydration in the vacuum. This is good news for those of you, who like me, have been throwing out vacuum bags or burning contents! The study showed that 95% of adult fleas were killed when vacuumed, and 100% of juvenile fleas. Eggs were not tested but the scientist interviewed stated that he believed they, too, would be destroyed. 

If these work for you let me know! If these don't work for you, let me know! 

I'd love some more tips or tricks for getting rid of fleas if you have them. Like I told the vet today, I'd dance under the full moon naked if it meant these fleas would up and disappear! :D 

SMOOBEE The Magic No Cry Brush Review & Giveaway {12/12}

If you've ever had to chase your child through the house or hold them down screaming when it was time to brush hair then this is for you. In fact, even if you have never had the joy of experiencing those moments this brush is STILL for you! This brush is so awesome I want to order one just for myself!

Smoobee is a hand assembled wooden brush designed by a mother who was experiencing what many moms of little girls experience, what I like to call Hair Brush Battles. Looking to her friends for help she soon realized that she wasn't alone, many others had the same problems getting their little girls to brush their hair. She decided to take matters into her own hands and the Smoobee was born!

Smoobee bristles are specially designed to comb through her while detangling and smoothing. The first time I tried it on Miss M she just repeated over and over "It's so soft! It's so soft!" She loves it!

The Smoobee hairbrush is an award winning product from Parent Tested Parent Approved as well. So you know it must be good! The brush is also 100% guaranteed, and the company has a full refund, no questions asked policy. So you can't go wrong!

What else is fun about the Smoobee? You can bedazzle it! This may look like a superfluous cute thing to attract little girls but it's really more than that. The first few times I brushed Miss M with the Smoobee she liked it a lot, but after she got to sit and cover it in shiny stickers? Well that brush was her best friend! She even took it to bed that night, I couldn't get it away from her!

Buy it! Smoobee brushes are on sale now for just $18.99! Buy one and test it for yourself!

Win it! Use the Rafflecopter widget below to enter to win! Three winners will be chosen!

Giveaway ends Dec 12 at 11:59PM. Get your entries in before then and make sure to come back for the daily entries!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Online Learning Could Be For You

You may have heard me talk before about being in school. I graduated last year from UH at Manoa where I was attending classes on campus. This fall I started a Masters program through an online program on the mainland (Texas). Going from an on campus program to an online one can be a bit of an adjustment, but if you are a mom like me it may be necessary.

Attending classes on campus definitely has its upsides. It’s great meeting new people face to face, experiencing life on campus, and being able to go to an office and speak with your professors. However, online college programs have upsides too, especially for parents.

The biggest thing? You can plan to do your work on your time. Are afternoons or mornings better? Does naptime fluctuate? How about your spouses work schedule? I’m a mother of two and my husband is in the military, my schedule is all over the place. So if I can sit on the couch in my pajamas with a hot cup of tea while simultaneously participating in class discussions, I’ll take it!

Just because your classes are online doesn’t mean they're second rate, there are a lot of great programs available with degrees just as prestigious as those earned on campus. You may even find that it’s easier to earn a degree that you want because your options are more varied. If you’re only depending on what your local school offers then you may be limited in choices of degrees, but if you attend class online you will have more to choose from. Especially when it comes to graduate degrees, like special education masters programs, or International Relations like I'm doing.

Choosing a school that fits your needs is really important, so make sure you do your research and read reviews. Even better, try to find someone that attended that school, or a few someones, and get a first person account of their experience.

There are a lot of advantages to attending school online, so if you’re thinking about taking classes I definitely recommend you consider it!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Black Friday/Cyber Monday Deals from WAHMs and Small Businesses!

Black Friday Deals from past sponsors, small businesses and other WAHMs!

Like to support handmade items and small businesses? Here is a list of Black Friday deals for you! 

*Tip* Search "Black Friday" on Etsy. Sellers with Black Friday deals have tagged their items to make them easy to find!

               Look for Facebook events and pages dedicated to Black Friday deals on handmade items, such as A Handmade Black Friday page, go to the photos and take a look around, be sure to give it a minute to load!

My Wonderful Walls

HUGE 4-DAY SALE! 50% off Select Items! 25% off Entire Stock! Use code BFSBCM25 at checkout.

Early Lingo

Get 20% off all products from Early Lingo! Starts Thurs 22nd at 8pm and ends Cyber Monday Nov 24th! Click here to order from Amazon. Click here to read my Early Lingo review.


Get 15% off this awesome dictionary page artwork with the code HappyHolidays2012

PishPosh Baby

Get 10% off the entire state using the code Give2Sandy, plus 5% will go to the Sandy relief effort!

Sweetbottoms Baby Boutique

Use code BLACKFRIDAY2012 to receive:
15% off orders of $50+ from midnight EST through 8:00am*
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Freebies for orders from $15 and up
Freebies include: Amber Bracelet, Planet Wise Medium Wetbag, Sophie Giraffe, Chewbeads Jane Necklace, Boba Wrap & More!

Cyber Monday:

Use code BLACKFRIDAY2012 to receive:
10% off orders of $35+
Freebies for orders from $15 and up
Freebies include: My Little Legs Leg Warmers, Hape Rattle, Boba Doll Carrier, Wrapsody Wrap & More!

Tender Bottoms on Etsy

Get 20% off your order. Look for new prints, sets, and Un-Paper Towels!

Pampered Mama

B2G1Free on all custom pads and 15% off everything else. Use code is BF2012.

Hot Cold Comfort

Right now you can get a large, microwavable cold/heat pack from Hot Cold Comfort for just $19.95! Prices will be going up after Black Friday so order now!

Mommy Soup

Mommy Soup is having a big sale for all their Facebook fans! Like their page and get a 25% off code! You'll find adorable handmade diapers, bibs, wipes, quilts, and more!

Shoppe 3130

Wonderful craft shoppe that features unique supplies and gifts! Everything is 25% off for black friday! Use coupon code: BLACK FRIDAY

Kissed by the Moon 

20% off the first hour, 15% off till 5AM, 10% off the rest of the weekend. Plus they're giving away a ton of prizes: First 20 orders over $30 will receive FREE Babylegs, first 15 orders over $100 will get a Episencial Hungry Caterpillar gift set. On top of that, orders over $100 will be entered to win an iPad mini!

PiixlWix Candle Company

Get 15% off on the entire Holiday Collection on Small Business Saturday Nov 24th!


Buy 4 diapers get 2 free! Black Friday through Cyber Monday.

Look for more Cloth Diaper Black Friday Deals at Dirty Diaper Laundry and Daily Mothering. You'll find a comprehensive list here!

5 ways to keep the whole family happy this Christmas (including yourself) Guest Post

happy, family, christmas

The Christmas holidays are supposed to be a festive time filled with joy and happiness surrounded by all your nearest and dearest, yet all too often they turn into long stressed filled days interspersed with arguments and unhappiness, leaving us feeling exhausted and desperate to get the decorations down and the house back to normal!

However, it really doesn’t need to be this way.  Believe it or not, it is possible for the entire family to enjoy the holidays peacefully and happily.

Use these five tips to make this Christmas the best one yet:

1. Organise

Good organisation will be the key to keeping life as stress free as possible during the Christmas period.  Make yourself a checklist, including as many members of the family as possible (see more about delegation later) to make sure nothing gets forgotten.  If you are expecting visitors, make sure the sleeping arrangements are sorted well in advance, and that you have enough sleeping bags, pillows and blankets.  Get your Christmas cards posted as early as possible, and generally try to take care of all the little jobs well in advance of the day itself.

2. Take Control

Everyone has different wants, needs and expectations, and Christmas is no different to any other time when it comes to trying to keep everyone happy.  The best way to manage expectations is to be assertive, take control and set expectations early.  

For example, every year I am expected to cook at least 50 mince pies and sausage rolls for my sister’s annual Christmas party, which she holds on the 23rd December.  This is in addition to working full time, looking after 3 young children and organising my own Christmas events.  This year I decided I wasn’t going to do this.  I firmly, but politely told my sister I wouldn’t be able to cater for her and had prior arrangements for the night itself.  She was understandably disappointed, but has had enough time to organise something else and soon got over it!

3.  Give yourself a little treat or two

The fact of the matter is that Christmas probably wouldn’t happen if it weren’t for you.  There is no point worrying about it, that’s just how it is, and secretly you enjoy the challenge of it all…don’t you?  Make sure you give yourself a little quality time and a few treats to make the whole thing a little more bearable – a pedicure or luxurious facial will do wonders for your energy levels.

4. Communicate

Be honest with what you want and let your loved ones know.  Be realistic about how much you can achieve and let them know that as well.  Anything that doesn’t get done by you can be picked up by someone else, or maybe it’s just not that important.

5. Delegate

Give everyone a job and make them stick to it.  Get someone to set the table, bring out the dishes, clear the plates, and clear away wrapping paper.  Write a rota and pin it somewhere central if this helps avoid arguments.

Final Word

Ok so the roast potatoes were hard, you forgot that your husband disliked sprouts and you bought your mother-in-law the wrong DVD.  A week from now none of these things will matter, so keep things in perspective and remember the most important thing is sharing your time and love with the people that matter the most to you.  Remember to have fun!

This article was written by Kathryn Thompson, a UK based freelance writer with three young children who will be reading these tips religiously to make sure she survives the Christmas period.  If all else fails, she will be booking a post Christmas break using Bluestone Promo Codes to recover from the event.

Interflora Christmas Food Hampers Guest Post

This is a guest post from Interflora on how to easily create your own gift basket for Christmas. Did you know in the UK a gift basket is called a gift hamper? ;) I didn't!

Only the best for Christmas!

Festive Christmas hampers and gift baskets are a great way to show your friends and
relatives how much you care! The time and effort that goes into making them is far more
appreciated than a single shop-bought present, especially if you add a few little personal
touches to it.

If you customise your own Interflora Christmas food hamper, rather than purchasing a uniform version you can add all your chosen recipient’s favourite treats, as well other memorable knick knacks for that little extra Christmas kick.

Interflora, gift hamper, gift basket, wine, food, christmas

Sweat treats

Take note of the wine they like to drink, what chocolate they buy when they really want to
treat themselves and other special food items that they like. You could add some home-made
biscuits or cakes if you know they admire your cooking and you want to make it even more

Think outside the hamper

Christmas gift baskets aren’t limited to food and drink; they can be made up from virtually
anything. Toiletries are often a handy size for filling a small hamper. Try to get a bottle of
the recipient’s signature perfume or aftershave for a personal touch. You can often get free
samples of some toiletries at make-up counters which are handy for filling in any gaps.

Make a hamper for the kids

A toy hamper for a child usually goes down well if you don’t know what to get for them. Fill a
basket with a selection of small treats such as a tub of Play-doh, a small box of Lego, some
pretty hair ribbons and a teddy bear.

There really is no limit to what you can put in a home-made Christmas hamper. A favourite
book or magazine, a couple of cheap DVDs, kitchen equipment, a purse or money box, a
pretty scarf – anything you can afford that is small enough to fit into your chosen basket or
box will work well.

Try to add at least a couple of items that demonstrate how well you know the recipient and be
creative with your presentation to make a truly beautiful gift.

gift hamper, gift basket, wine, food, christmas

This post was provided by Interflora.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Wordless Wednesday 11/21

Thanks for joining me for Wordless Wednesday! Link up below and share!

While you're here... 

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Eat Smart Digital Bathroom Scale Review and Giveaway {12/3}

I have a great giveaway for you! You know why it's great? Because the holidays are coming! That means lots of eating, not a lot of exercising, followed by lots of guilt, tight waist bands and then finally.... resolutions! 

Let's all get a head start this year by making good choices now, so the road to trim waists will be easier in a couple months! (I fully expect to eat these words along with several slices of pie in a couple days ;) ) 

But! At least when I'm done stuffing myself with turkey and pie I'll know how much I gained ;) 

The EatSmart Precision Tracker Digital Bathroom Scale is sleek, easy to set up, and easy to use. The scale actually tracks your weight, to help you know how you're doing. BUT, the cool thing is that not only does it track your weight, but it actually does the math for you! Stand on the scale and it will show you your weight, then it will show you your weight from last time as well as the difference! Cool! 

I was really impressed with the EatSmart scale. I actually set it up while I was waiting for my shower to heat up, that's how little time it took. It even came with batteries! No screwdrivers needed, nice and easy set up. The instructions are easy to read and the scale is satisfaction guaranteed!

If you're looking for a nice quality bathroom scale for your home then this is it! 

Enter to win one using the Rafflecopter below! 

EatSmart is giving away one bathroom scale and one kitchen scale. Two winners! 
I love when there's more than one winner ;) 

Giveaway ends Dec 3rd. Good luck! 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Monday, November 19, 2012

Giveaways at Eight Days a Week - Quick Roundup 11/19

Here's a quick roundup of giveaways you can find at Eight Days a Week. I have some really great ones up I don't want you to miss! With the holidays coming this is a fabulous time to enter!

RW Garcia Chips Variety Box 11/28 - These are amazing chips you have to try! Especially the Curry & Mango, my favorite! The shape of the chip is perfect for digging salsa out of the bottom of the jar!

American Girl Doll $150 GC Giveaway 11/23 - Perfect for the holidays and just in time! 

$100 GC to My Wonderful Walls 11/30 - Beautiful wall vinyl stickers for your child's room. They also make great stencil kits for painting, as well as customizable canvas art!

Deodomom Natural Deodorant 30 winners!! - Awesome natural deodorant. This giveaway ends tonight (11/19)!

Vinyl Disorder Wall Vinyl of Your Choice 11/21 - Quality wall vinyls from Vinyl Disorder. Be sure to read my review and see the cute Yo Ho Ho Pirate quote I got for Mr. C's room!

Saturday, November 17, 2012

My Birthday Wish - Fight Against Depression and Suicide

This year for my birthday I am honoring a friend who committed suicide by hosting a Cause and asking for donations of $10 for the charity To Write Love on Her Arms. Thank you!

In 2009, after I got pregnant and left the Air Force, I moved to Maryland with my husband. There I met up again with a friend I had first met in training a year or so before. He was also military, a sweet guy, fun to be around. I didn't know many people there so we hung out a lot. He even came over for Thanksgiving that year, I'll never forget how we laughed making deviled eggs together, both of our favorite. 

That Christmas he went home to see his family, and while he was gone I gave birth to my oldest, Miss M. I hadn't heard from him in a few weeks, but he liked her photos on Facebook, and sent me a message saying he had a present for her he'd bring by when he got home. 

I didn't hear from him again after that. In the midst of the chaos that is the first few months of your first baby's life I didn't reach out to him either. One day I received a call from another friend who had worked with him. He hadn't shown up for work that morning and someone had been sent to find him. They found him in his room, he had killed himself. 

Every death is hard, but suicide is unique. There are so many questions. There is no outside force to place blame on, like a drunk driver, an icy road, or abnormal blood cells. There is anger, sadness, and more questions. I remember feeling so angry at my friend. How could he do this? How could he leave and not say goodbye? How could he go before meeting my daughter? I don't know who was more selfish, he or I. 

Years later I still think about my friend every day. Every year around my birthday and Thanksgiving, I think of how this was the last time I had seen him. Happily sitting on the couch with me, fighting over the last deviled egg. I remember him like that. Happy. 

On Sunday I turn 25. I'd like to use the day as an opportunity to raise awareness, to celebrate his life and our friendship. I started a Birthday Wish on Causes for the charity To Write Love on Her Arms. TWLOHA is an organization that focuses on supporting this who suffer from depression, self infliction, and suicide. I set a goal of $250 and would be honored if you would donate just $10 in memory of my friend. If you aren't able to donate then please go to the link and share! 

Thank you so much everyone!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Horseback Riding on the Beach

Oahu offers a lot of attractions. Beaches, waterfalls, hiking, restaurants, but a lot of tourists come to the island and end up never leaving Waikiki! There is so much of the beautiful nature to be seen that staying downtown for your whole stay is such a shame. 

Something you may not have considered as part of your itinerary is horseback riding! There are a variety of ranches to choose from across the island that offer tours, private rides, lessons, and trail rides. Some even have ponies for younger children! An alternative choice would be to enjoy the beach and horseback riding at the same time. You can admire the scenery in a unique and fun way with professional riders. 

Look for beach horseback riding on the North Shore through companies such as Hawaii Polo and Turtle Bay Resort. If you're an island resident and looking for a fun weekend activity, or an adventure you may not have experienced before, this could be for you! You may find that horseback riding is your thing, and want to purchase your own gear. You can get Champion equestrian gear online easily, without having to search the island for places to purchase. 

Beach horseback riding is a great way to enjoy the island, spend a romantic evening, or impress your relatives coming to visit! Not a lot of people know how affordable trail rides can be, many of my friends have never even heard of or considered this as a weekend activity. I highly recommend trying it! The beaches here are so beautiful, but even laying around tanning on the beach can get old after a while. Try something new and go horseback riding! 

Disclaimer: This post was written on behalf of Equestrian Clearance.

15% Off My Wonderful Walls Exclusive Discount Code

My Wonderful Walls is offering Eight Days a Week readers an exclusive 15% off discount code for the length of the giveaway running right now! (11/14-12/1)

My Wonderful Walls makes beautiful stencil kits, canvas art, and fabric wall vinyls designed to create a beautiful space for your child. Look at their site and see what they have to offer! 

Use the code EDWM1114 until December 1st and receive 15% off! 

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

My Wonderful Walls Review & Giveaway {11/30}

My Wonderful Walls is a family owned, small business, that sells wall vinyls and stencil kits with the goal of making it easier for parents to create beautiful spaces for their children, even those with no creative or artistic talent! Michael Goins, father, husband and graphic designer, creates amazing stencil kits and wall vinyl kits that make decorating your little ones room as easy as 1-2-3! 

These unique and one of a kind nursery murals and wall decals are perfect for any home!

These are just some of the great products you can get at My Wonderful Walls!

Wall stickers from My Wonderful Walls are made with a Safe Cling fabric material. Safe Cling is easy to apply and easy to remove. Afraid to create a permanent change? Do you live in an apartment and worry about your security deposit? This is the product for you. These stickers go on easy, peel off easy, and can be maneuvered around! Perfect for people like me who can't make up their minds :D Plus the fabric gives the stickers a cool feel, my daughter loves to rub her hands on them!

I live in military housing, we just moved into a new house and we'll only be here for 2 more years. As much as I'd love to paint my kids rooms, I know that less than 2 years from now I'll be priming and repainting all over again! Wall vinyl stickers are the perfect answer. I can apply them to the walls safely, without having to worry about damage or paint!

I picked out a wall vinyl sticker kit for my daughters room. Her room was just so bare I couldn't stand it. When the Night Owl Wall Stickers came in the mail I was so excited! I put them up and let Miss M "help". The best part about these stickers? The Safe Cling material keeps the stickers from sticking to themselves. So when Miss M got excited and wrinkled a sticker, it didn't matter, it flattened out really nicely! Love it!

Her room turned out great. Miss M is so excited. Every day she talks about her stickers, the moon, clouds, and cat are her favorite. 

my wonderful walls, review, giveaway, stickers, wall vinyl, kids room, decor

I want to also say that the customer service at My Wonderful Walls is absolutely fantastic. You will get personal, first rate service from this company. They care about their customers and want to help you create the perfect space for your child. 

Is there anything I don't like? 

The Safe Cling is a double edged sword. The easy removal means that little fingers can pick and peel while you aren't looking. If your child is not one to listen to instructions, or is not old enough, I recommend keeping the stickers out of their reach. Miss M will be 3 next month, so she's old enough to understand what's ok and what isn't. She's also old enough to tattle on her little brother ;) We had a long talk while putting up the stickers that they aren't for playing with, just looking, she can touch them but not pick at them, and if she sees her brother try to peel them off then come get mommy! 

I really recommend My Wonderful Walls! This small, family owned business, makes high quality kids wall murals and decals at reasonable prices, and provide amazing customer service. You can't go wrong with that! 

Win it! 

One lucky reader will win a $100 gift card to My Wonderful Walls! This would make an amazing gift for someone special :) 

Use the Rafflecopter to enter. Giveaway ends November 28th 12:01 EST. Open to US, CAN, and Puerto Rico!

a Rafflecopter giveaway