Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Must Have - Beco Gemini Baby Carrier

I thought hard about what I wanted my first review to be on and finally decided it had to be my Beco Gemini carrier. I first discovered it after my neighbor (and Craftster Extraordinaire) let me borrow hers to wear Mr. C to the store about a quarter mile away. I thought, "I don't need one of those expensive baby carriers, I can make do with the cheaper Snugli!". Boy was I wrong! I immediately fell in love and within 24 hours had purchased one myself and was finding excuses for babywearing. 

The Beco Gemini is so versatile, on your front the child can face forward or out, and there is even head support for those babies facing in who love to throw their heads back and sleep! There is also an option for wearing baby on your hip, although I was told this takes away most of the use of the arm on that side, and then of course you can wear baby on your back! 

Here is Mr. C and I at Turtle Bay last month!

The wide straps and waist belt make carrying baby a breeze, I hardly notice Mr. C when he's on my back or front. Whereas the Baby Bjorn and Snugli was really starting to give me back pain when I wore him on my front. It's perfect for the grocery store or the playground, leaving your hands free to take items out of the bottom corner of the cart and push bigger ones on the swings without worrying about baby getting kicked in the face! 

However my favorite feature is the safety latches. I've read some moms complaining that they make it too difficult to take the carrier on and off, however my opinion is I would rather have a little inconvenience and know that my child is safe (and curious hands can't let themselves out of the carrier unexpectedly!). To undo the latch you have to hold down a small button on the latch itself, while at the same time squeezing the latch together. It can be done with one hand (I promise) with just a little practice. 

So if you're into babywearing or you're just doing some research my recommendation to you is to get the Beco Gemini carrier. It's definitely the way to go!

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