Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Popsicle Colors

So the Crafster Extraordinaire (C.E.) found this great way to practice colors on Pinterest. She made these for Miss M and gave them to her on Christmas. They were a big hit with the little ones!

Things you need: 

popsicle sticks
needle and thread

How it's done:

Decide how big you want the popsicle tops to be, cutting out a paper model is a great way to make sure they are all the same size, but these can be easily eyeballed.

Cut out two pieces of felt for each color then hand sew them together. Make sure you leave it open at the bottom for the popsicle stick to go in. C.E. used white thread and a diagonal stitch which I think added a nice touch.

On each popsicle stick write the color (in the same color marker) on one end, then flip it over and color the other side (the orange and blue ones in the picture above, blue one below).

Let the marker dry and voila!

C.E. went a step further and quickly hand sewed a felt envelope for the popsicles to go in. The felt sticks to itself so it doesn't even need velcro or a snap! I plan on decorating the bag sometime soon ;)

What I like best:  This is great as a busy bag toy, it's small and fits easily in a diaper bag or purse, kids can play with it in the waiting room, in line at the grocery store or post office. They're learning and entertaining themselves at the same time! The best part is that the pieces are easily replaced, popsicle sticks come by the bag, so if you lose one just color up another one!

Simple, cute, educational :) Thanks C.E.!

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