Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Prince Lionheart WeePOD Review

I started potty training Miss M a couple weeks ago, she has been doing fabulously, but early on I began to see a problem: her skinny bottom was too small for the potty seat I had previously purchased. Awhile ago I had gone to Target and bought one of the Sesame Street, on the toilet potty seats specifically because it had handles. However, the more she used it the more I noticed her skinny bottom didn't look too comfortable and she didn't like to sit for longer than a minute or two. I did some searching online and decided my best bet was the Prince Lionheart WeePOD

I ordered it on Amazon and it took less than a week to arrive. Pretty impressive for shipping to Hawaii! Here is Miss M checking out her new potty seat. 

We love her new WeePOD! The seat is soft, comfortable to sit on and the splash guard keeps messes in the potty. The seat has a knob on the back which adjusts the seat to fit your toilet and is easy to put on and remove (because grown ups need to use the potty too!). 

I highly recommend the WeePOD to anyone who is currently potty training. Skinny bottoms or no!

UPDATE: It's been one month since the WeePOD arrived and I still love it! Miss M requests to use it over the toilet upstairs that doesn't have one. My favorite thing is that she can climb up on it by herself. The WeePOD doesn't move around, and the seat is made of a rubber type material, so it isn't slippery. This is essential for me because when I am feeding my son it's difficult to get up and run to the bathroom whenever she needs to go. The biggest perk of potty training is that they are doing it themselves! I love my WeePOD, I can't see us potty training without one.

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