Thursday, January 12, 2012

Step 2 Replacement Parts

Being a military mom living on base with two small children, I get a lot of hand me downs from my neighbors when they PCS. Last year we got a play set with two slides and a neat and tidy cottage from Step 2. Now, these toys have usually seen a lot of love, and since we are in Hawaii they are also pretty sun worn. The cottage in particular was looking a little rough, the stickers had all gone, the doorbell was broken, the batteries corroded, the phone was missing.. Basically we just had the hunk of plastic.

Well if you are like me, and have a worn hunk of Step 2 plastic in your backyard don't despair! It turns out Step 2 has replacement parts for nearly every toy. Their customer service was quick, efficient and friendly. The pieces are extremely cheap, the doorbell was $2, the phone was $4 and the stickers were under $1. What cost me most was shipping ($12.50), I live in Hawaii however and can't say what shipping to the mainland would look like, most likely it would be considerably cheaper.

The replacements took less than two weeks to arrive. Yesterday I took some Goo Gone to the cottage and replaced all the stickers, screwed in the new doorbell and give Miss M the phone. She was ecstatic! Her neat and tidy cottage is looking better than ever. So if you have a Step 2 toy and are missing pieces, try giving their customer service a call, I promise you won't be disappointed.


  1. The customer number is disconnected...I tried to call for a replacement part that we require !

    1. Hi I'm sorry it didn't work for you. I just called though and was able to get through to the message, their office is closed now but maybe try again tomorrow :)


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