Friday, January 20, 2012

Terrible Twos

This week has been really hard for me. With Mr. Eight doing training on the mainland I've been left alone handling the kids and school. Lucky for us, this semester I'm only taking one class on campus and one class online. I am planning on graduating at the end of the semester though, which means a lot of paperwork and double checking I have all my stuff together (like taking those two CLEP tests I've been neglecting). Not to mention getting ready for graduate school (I need to take the GRE!).

For the most part this month has gone by very quickly, it's already the 20th! Tax season is upon us.. Valentines around the corner.. but this week just seemed to drag. A lot of it had to do with Miss M. She is full on Terrible Twos. I hate talking about the Terrible Twos, because no matter what age they are, kids have issues, ups and downs, whatever. This week though she has really gone out of her way to remind me that she is a toddler, an independent, obstinate, impatient, potty training, screaming, give-it-to-me-right-now, I-have-limited-communication-abilities.. toddler. Whew.

I really felt at my wits end last night and that's when I came across an article while I was perusing "10 Reasons to Love the Terrible Twos". I'm sorry.. what?? I had to see this. And you know what? It made me feel a lot better. A lot of the information seems like a no brainer: I know that giving your toddler options makes things go smoother (Cheerios or Kix?), I know that when she insists on doing it herself it's just her self-sufficiency blossoming, and I know that "they live in the moment" and will shortly forget what it is they are screaming about (see slide #6, it's my favorite!). Yet as I read slide after slide I thought back to this week, when my nerves were frayed and I was locking myself in the bathroom for a breather, and I realized that I hadn't really been putting any of these important facts to good use.

Today I feel ten, a hundred, a thousand times better. I didn't lose my temper, I didn't yell, I didn't swear (ok I'm not really that bad, it's been a rough week). I did however, quietly escort her to her room for timeout when she refused to sit on her designated Timeout Rug. I did make a big deal about how happy I was that she was eating her dinner and peeing on the potty. And I did calmly explain that if she didn't quit screaming at the table she would quickly find herself in bed with no dessert and no bedtime story.

It was amazing what a difference today was from yesterday. Of course, she didn't change at all, she's still a screaming, obstinate, no-brother-that's-my-toy toddler. But I changed. My attitude changed, and I feel a million times better for it.


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