Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Best Gift I Could Ever Have..

Sleep! The best gift anyone could ever give me is sleep. I have not slept 5 hours in a row since before Mr. Eight left in November. Even before then is a blur. I am so tired. 

Miss M night weaned herself, I didn't have to do anything to convince her not to wake up to eat. But Mr. C, oh Mr. C, he has to eat, all the time. Probably to maintain those ham hock thighs of his. 

I tried giving him the pacifier last night and laying him down instead of feeding him right away. 
It would have been really funny if it hadn't been 3 in the morning. He screamed and screamed and kicked his little legs. Oh was he mad. 

I can't do cry it out. I'm against it, for many reasons. Even if I was for it, he is so loud he would definitely wake up Miss M. Who, by the way, fell out of bed no less than 3 times last night. At least she got up to pee once. 

But Mr. Eight is coming back, hopefully, at this end of this month. I just want to be able to say that, "this month", this is the month. I know I don't have anything on those wives, moms, whose husbands are deployed in dangerous locations, who are gone 9, 12, 15 months. But if he was going to be gone that long I would go home. I would love to be home right now. 

Except that it's snowing there today with a high of 31 degrees, and I'm sittin' pretty at 81 degrees and a 20 percent chance of showers. Maybe they could come visit me.

Well I'm up so I'll make the most of it. Complain on my blog, play on Pinterest, drink some coffee, I guess I could clean something too. 

I need sleep!

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