Thursday, February 16, 2012

Potty Training Regression

I've been working on potty training Miss M for a little over a month now. She started off really well, in fact she did great! I couldn't believe how well it was going. Obviously from the title of the post you know this didn't last. This week has been terrible potty training wise. Last weekend I started reinforcing the basics, stickers and M&Ms for going on the potty, trying to go after every juice cup, all that jazz. Yet here we are on Thursday and she's only peed once on the toilet all day! She pooped twice in her trainer, peed in her swim diaper at a playdate while sitting in a chair, not in the water! So frustrating. 

I've noticed though that the only times she gets really upset about it is when she makes a big mess. When it's really noticeable from the outside that she's peed. For instance when she's wearing her Super Skivvies, which are more like underwear, or when she's sitting on a chair in her swimming suit and just starts peeing and it's running down the chair legs and pooling on the floor.. she sure noticed then! But when she's in a regular trainer (a cloth trainer), it just doesn't bother her anymore, she'll run around and keep playing and not even tell me that she's gone #2! 

So I decided that's it. I've had enough. I'm skipping school on Friday, and Monday is a holiday so I can stay home all weekend and really dedicate time to this. I'm going to battle! Armed with Super Skivvies, Gerber underwear my neighbor loaned me, a sticker chart and a couple Sham Wows. My goal is to really drive home that the only acceptable way to pee is on the potty! If she's upset when she pees elsewhere, and she gets rewarded for doing her business where she is supposed to, then I hope by Tuesday morning we'll have made some progress! Wish me luck!  


  1. we also have been potty training for some time, but my little one has recently decided she wants a diaper again :-( I know it's bad but I am just so not feeling like fighting it through right now :-( I was just thinking about writing on this this morning. I am a new follower from the giveaway. Your invited to check out my blog as well.

  2. I followed you back, thank you!

    How old is your little one? Mine started asking me for a diaper this morning, I told her they were all gone, she had to give them to her brother! If you haven't been working on it for very long then I've read that it's not a bad thing to just put them back in diapers and try again later.

    If you do put her back in diapers I would really make a big deal about it though, that is the advice I've been given that has had good results. Say things like "oh I wish you could go and play with your toys right now but you have to have your diaper changed!" or "You could be outside with your friends right now but we have to change your diaper! If you had used the potty then you could be playing right now.."

    But it looks like you have more experience with this than I do!!! :D What has worked best for you in the past?

  3. You should post how this went. I am in the early stages of this horribly daunting task. We have only had one success, and I am afraid to push to hard for fear of tramitizing either her or me too much! :)

    New follower. Will be back to see how it went.

    my site is if you have some time stop by

  4. I'll definitely stop by Heather! And I will be updating soon. This weekend has gone by a lot better. We're going to the store after nap to buy her "dry all day" reward.. a balloon!

  5. My sister is having a hard time potty training my niece, who'll be four in March. She knows what she should do, she just doesn't do it. The pediatrician says to just let her go at her own pace and she'll eventually get it. Meanwhile, it's very frustrating having to continue changing her and shelling out the money for pull-ups. I wish I knew how to help.

  6. Pam2424, that's a tough call. The best way is definitely to wait until they are ready, especially because you need to make sure they have all the skills they need: ability to pull up/down pants, can hold it for longer than a couple hours.. those things. But it's hard to imagine a 3 year old that isn't ready. If she knows what she needs to do and just isn't doing it, that sounds more like a behavior issue (I am not in any way suggesting she has behavioral problems as in something psychological or clinical). Miss M was beginning to have that same problem too, she knew what she was supposed to do, but just didn't, because she was busy playing, too lazy to go, whatever. That's why I decided to step it up a notch by putting her in Gerber underwear and Super Skivvies, so that if she had an accident it was a big deal, she couldn't just keep playing like nothing had happened.

    I wish her luck! I have very little experience potty training, this is my first go at it, but it seems that a lot of parents get stuck in that void where your sister seems to be, and then it just drags on and on and pretty soon everyone is tired and frustrated. I hope your niece "gets it" soon!!

    This weekend has gone pretty well. We had an accident today at the beach, but then she also peed in the little potty I keep in the van for trips. So that was a plus. I'll post about how it's going and the things I'm doing with her once my homework is done tonight ;)


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