Sunday, February 5, 2012

Sunday Pinterest Wrap Up

I've decided I want to start a new edition called Sunday Pinterest Wrap Up. Sunday Pinterest Wrap Up will focus on a special kind of relationship, mainly my love affair with.. Pinterest! That's right! A Pinterest love affair! Every day we are bombarded with recipes, funny sayings, fashion, great ideas and more. I am taking it upon myself to sift through it all and bring you my favorite pins from a number of categories. (What? Did you expect me to only pick one pin??)

(By the by, if the words pin, pin it, pinned, or pinteriffic mean nothing to you then you are wearing sad pants for you have not joined the Pinterest community! Pinterest is invite only, so email me and I'll get you in, I'm cool like that. I warn you though, it's addictive!)

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Here are the categories: So Hungry!, Get Off the Couch, Fashionista, Fun With the Kids, Why Didn't I Think of That?, Organize All The Things!, and last but not least plain ol' Home Decor.

Here's to Sunday Pinterest Wrap Up #1! May there be many more to come!

So Hungry!  I had some great neighbors who moved at the end of last year, and one thing that she introduced me to was a homemade artichoke dip recipe. It became a must have at every birthday party and BBQ. Sometimes just because we had to have it. So when I came across this pin last night I was ecstatic. Artichoke Dip Bread!

Home Decor  I've seen this one floating around on a few different boards. I love the classic rustic look and the simplicity of it. This is easy to setup and update periodically with new pictures. The clothes pin frame!

Organize All The Things! This is one that I'm planning on completing this week. I HATE my spice collection. I hate that it is messy, and taking up a lot of limited cabinet space. So when I saw this pin I knew what had to be done. I decluttered my junk drawer, moved everything into a shoe organizer on the back of my pantry door, and made space for a spice drawer. I'll be sure to post it when I've finished it. Can't wait!

Fashionista Have a sewing machine? Pinterest is loaded with great tutorials and simple patterns for you and your youngins. My favorite this week is a petticoat tutorial, there is so much you could do with this! Bright colors.. mute colors.. all black.. all white.. what about yellow??

Get Off the Couch  I love the 5-4-3-2-1 Workout. It's short, easy, and switches it up often, working out all the muscle groups and saving you from boredom. I love the colorful poster too. This would be great to print off and pin to your wall!

Fun With the Kids  I love busy toys. Last month I talked about the popsicle colors busy bag that my neighbor (Crafster Extraordinaire) made for Miss M. This is right along those lines. Write the alphabet on a metal tray with a marker and pack up a magnet alphabet set. Take both along to your appointments or even the grocery store (I'd bring a small tray, maybe just the vowels!) and let your little one match up the letters!

Why Didn't I Think of That?  It's the first week of February! January is gone but we still have the better part of 11 months ahead of us! How many times will we laugh and smile in the days ahead? Here's a fabulous idea you can work on all year long. Get a big mason jar, a notepad, a pencil and some memories. Throughout the year write down big events, small events, things that make you smile, and (you guessed it!) stick it in the jar! You could add snapshots, trinkets, ticket stubs, doodles, lucky pennies, whatever your little heart desires. Now go fill that jar!


  1. What is this pinterest!? I want to learn to make petticoats to go along with my tutus!

  2. Hi Kim! Pinterest is a website that is based on a pinboard design. You can upload pictures and share pictures others post by "pinning" them to your board. Organize your pictures by creating multiple boards. You can see what your friends are into and follow their boards so when you log in you'll see what they've "pinned" recently.

    I suggest you eat before you start. It's kind of like grocery shopping on an empty stomach ;) I'll send you an invite to your gmail account that is on your Facebook. Let me know if I should send it somewhere else!

  3. Love this idea! (And no I'm not stealing it) but it's neat to see what other people are interested. I'll have to check out your boards! Thanks for the comments on my blog and you were right my hubby is one of the two in focus (back left). I look forward to reading your future posts. Oh, and we were stationed in Hawaii before here... strange world of coincidences we live in!

  4. Hi A. Osterhout! Thanks for reading :) Your picture was so beautiful, thanks for sharing that today. You're more than welcome to steal my idea! I'm not the first one to do it for sure, I got the idea based on something I saw on another blog.

    The military is a small world!


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