Monday, February 13, 2012

Super Skivvies Review

Potty training Miss M has brought me into a whole new world of cloth... the cloth trainer! I did not do any research at all before I started this adventure. Lucky for me my neighbor (Craftster Extraordinaire) did and she pointed me in the direction of Super Skivvies. Thank goodness for that! 

My order arrived in less than a week, which is a huge compliment coming from Honolulu, HI where you never know what's going to be stuck on a barge for two weeks. Almost as great as the Super Skivvies themselves were the free stickers! Stickers are a huge incentive for Miss M to use the toilet, so she was pretty excited!

As for the product, I absolutely loooooove these things. I want a pair for myself! They are comfortable and stretchy, and the patterns are adorable. I ordered a Small for Miss M who is just over 25 lbs. They fit really nicely, there's a lot of stretch so she'll be able to wear them for a while yet. 

Now, we are in the midst of potty training, which means accidents are to be had. BUT a bamboo insert tucked under the velour crotch (it's velour!!!) soaks up most of the mess. Now, don't let the word "most" there throw you off. What I like best about using the Super Skivvies over other trainers is that when Miss M does have an accident, she is acutely aware of it. One of the most frustrating things about potty training for me is when she goes in her trainer and then doesn't tell me! Not in her Super Skivvies though. There is no peeing in these and then continuing to run around the playground, if it happens she is immediately distressed and lets me know.

If you're thinking about potty training I really recommend the Super Skivvies. Check out their website for more details about the product as well as information and tips on potty training. Be sure to add them on Facebook too for updates and deals! 


  1. I might have to try this for miss Isabelle. She could care less about peeing in a disposable or cloth diaper (I thought maybe the cloth diaper would allow her to feel a little more wet, but it doesn't.) I also tried just using big girl panties and end up cleaning up puddles off the floor when she doesn't tell me when she needs to go. Has she gone #2 in them? are they easy to clean? My child refuses to go #2 on the toilet.

  2. I feel you! Miss M was doing pretty good for a couple weeks and she's now completely regressed. I've decided I don't care about messes, I want her to be upset that she's had an accident. Today we went to a playdate and she peed everywhere in her swimsuit and then pooped and didn't even tell me. I've had enough!

    Yes she's pooped in the Super Skivvies before. It's easy to dump out if it's solid, luckily she hasn't had a messy one in it, I'd be really afraid of that. She's gone #2 on the toilet before but only a handful of times.

    How old is she? If she's completely refusing then you might want to just hold off and try again in a couple weeks. I obviously don't know where you are in the process though!


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