Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Warrior Dash and the Assisted Pull Up Machine

One of my best friends here on the island has convinced me to participate in the Warrior Dash with her. It's  3 "hellish" miles loaded with 13 obstacles. Things like.. crawling under barbed wire.. climbing walls.. and leaping over fire.. haha did I mention how crazy I am to agree to do this?? BUT my friend and I went through basic training together, and although there is an obstacle course that you are supposed to complete there, the week we went to do it a big ol' monsoon rolled in and we got flooded out! So this is kind of a unique opportunity for us to beat this together since she won't be on island much longer. 

Obviously some kind of preparation is in order here! Which has led me to start... 


I haven't been to the gym in months and the main reason has been that Mr. C has not been sleeping through the night. I've been getting up multiple times a night with both kids and by the time I get home from class the very last, absolutely last thing I want to do is put on my running shoes and go to the gym. 

Well, Mr. C only woke up once last night, and Miss M didn't wake up at all. So I decided to celebrate that by putting on my running shoes this morning before class and hitting the gym when I got home. It felt great! I only worked out for 25 minutes but I tried my best to make it count. 

One of the things I did today was try out the assisted pull up machine. If I'm going to be pulling myself up walls then I'd better work on my upper body strength! I've only used it once a long time ago, so I knew basically how it worked. And boy did it work! I weigh right around 165 so I set it at 100 just to get a feel for it. I did 10 chin ups, 5 pull ups, and 8 dips. By the time the 8th dip rolled around I practically collapsed. 

I've read some workout sites saying that this machine isn't the best option because it doesn't work you as hard as using a bench or a spotter. However, if you don't have a spotter then this is a good option. I think that I am a girl and I can barely pull up 65 lbs of my own weight and this machine is a good fit for me! 

If you have absolutely no idea how to use it, here is a video of a personal trainer demonstrating how to use the machine. 

My goal from now until race day is to get to the gym as often as possible during the week, but definitely on Tuesdays no matter what. Every Tuesday I will try a new workout and share it here with you! This will help keep me accountable and get my butt to the gym at least one day a week! 


  1. good luck!! we have a thing here called warrior run..a race with all kinds of obstacles...
    I am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.

  2. That sounds really similar! Have you or anyone you know participated in it? Thanks for following! I'll follow back!


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