Saturday, February 25, 2012

Weekend Procrastination and Potty Training.. But No Fever!

Some of you may have seen on Friday my question related to Mr. C's high fever. Luckily it was short lived. This morning his temperature was around 100 but by the early evening it was gone completely. I just fed him and he's still fine, it's been maybe 12 hours since I gave him Tylenol last. Thank goodness that's over! I never did ear infections, fevers or bad colds with Miss M; I felt like a new mom again when Mr. C popped a fever three nights ago! What do I do?? I've been blessed with good neighbors and the internet though, so we made it through :) 

I have so much school work I should.. need to be doing right now, instead I'm writing this post about it! The irony! I just have no motivation whatsoever. This is my last semester, I'm graduating in May!, but these last two classes feel like such a waste of my valuable time. Plus the commute is really dragging on me, It's 20-30 minutes there, at least 20 minutes back, for a 50 minute class! That my professor is routinely late to! Plus $4 to $6 a day for parking.. ugh! I need some motivation! I have a midterm presentation on Monday on a paper I haven't even written yet (it may have been due 3 weeks ago..). Yikes. 

So. Potty training. A while ago I posted about the Great Regression. We're doing a little better. Today was good, she was dry for most of the day. There was an incident before nap time, but to her credit, she thought I had gone upstairs and went to go look for me and to use the bathroom upstairs by her room. When I went up there she was standing in the hallway looking very sad, with very wet pants.. there were puddles in her jelly shoes. At least she tried! She did poops on the potty this morning which was fabulous! I was so happy. She got a huge reward for it. Then this evening right before bed I was getting her undressed and noticed that she had peed a little in her trainer. She had just peed on the toilet not 20 minutes prior to that! Aaah! I sent her straight to bed after that. No books or songs. I felt bad but I want to make it a big deal, so that she knows it's not ok. 

But tomorrow is a new day! We got new Super Skivvies in the mail which means we got new stickers too (penguins!). I can't wait to show them to her (she calls penguins "pin-cones" ^.^). Hopefully that will get her excited again. I also put some new Dr. Seuss books in the bathroom as reading material for Miss M. Nothing like the Foot Book to get you peein'!


  1. You plate is full at the moment. Sometimes little ones get fevers randomly, sometimes (I'm told could be an ole wife's tale) its an infection sometimes it can just be a part of he growing process when they have a growth spurt. I hope the potty training continues to be on track. Have a good week.

  2. Thanks! I'm just glad the fever is gone. I'm ready for these colds to go away too. I guess it's just that time of year!

  3. Glad he is better!

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