Friday, March 9, 2012

Aloha Friday #6

Welcome to Aloha Friday! It's a weekly blog event that started at An Island Life where I ask a simple question, answer it, then invite you to answer it also! 

It's rainy season here in paradise. The weather has been less than friendly and the sun has been absent for nearly 2 weeks, except for yesterday which was fabulous! The hardest thing about the rain, aside from the flood warnings and the flies, is keeping the kids entertained in doors! I'm located in a mosquito hot bed, so a lot of the time, even moving the car out from under the lanai so we can ride tricycles out of the rain won't last long. In Hawaii we are blessed with the ability to take our children outside to play (without spending 20 minutes bundling them up) almost every day of the year. So when we can't take them out we really feel it! 

What worked the best for us this week was puzzles, and short stints on the lanai. I had my daughter playing ring around the rosy, doing jumping jacks and even mountain climbers at one point! 

This week's question is: What is your favorite rainy/cold day activity?

Thanks for playing!

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  1. Playing games (whether it be the board kind or video kind) with the kids, or doing some fun crafty projects. Though I have to admit, I'm not sure I could keep that up for 2 weeks at a time! :)

    Aloha: Tu loquere Latine?

  2. Love crafting, knitting, playing games, drawing, and reading. We often have to do things like this during winter break here since the weather is so cold and nasty most years.

  3. Movies, blanket, snuggled on the couch (maybe a book)!

  4. I love watching movies or reading books, preferably with hot cocoa. :)

  5. for me... reading books :) with my son.. crafts :)


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