Friday, March 23, 2012

Aloha Friday #8

Welcome to Aloha Friday! It's a weekly blog event that started at An Island Life where I ask a simple question, answer it, then invite you to answer it also! 

I remembered to take my reusable bags into the grocery store today! SUCCESS! 

That's how I feel whenever I actually bring them in with me. I feel like jumping up and yelling "SUCCESS!" with my fist in the air. 

I love using my cloth bags! It's so nice to come home, put the groceries away and not have plastic bags left over to shove into the overflowing bag hanging on my wall in my pantry. 

This week's question is a bit of a multi-parter:

Do you use reusable cloth bags? If you do, do you only use them at the grocery store or at other stores such as Target and Wal Mart as well? What other things do you use your bags for besides carrying purchases out of the store?

My answer: I love using my cloth bags! I have some Target bags, but I don't shop there too often and I have yet to remember mine when I go. Ideally I would take bags in with me to every store. I just need to start practicing it! 

Recently Mr. Eight and I went for a hike. The trail was really muddy and when we got back I didn't want to get in the car with our muddy shoes. I opened up the back of my van and found a cloth bag laying there. I shoved our muddy shoes in the bag and then washed it when we got home! 

Thanks for playing!

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  1. I think the reusable bag I use most is my Walmart insulated bag. Though I was a little sheepish at first of 1) carrying a bag all around that SAYS walmart! [I'm usually anti-walmart] AND 2) using that bag anywhere but walmart. Now I use it when I travel to keep cold things cold--we drive 26 miles to grocery shop since we're in the country. I also have about 15 other reusable bags, but end up using them like luggage! I have a 'baby bag' that I use instead of a traditional diaper bag, and generally pack one full of what-if type stuff for day-to-day trips! :) I don't usually have success @ grocery stores with making it out without 20 plastic bags and about 1/2 of what was actually on my list..... working on it! Great question mama!

  2. I have a big pile of cloth reusable bags from various stores (and when I see any cute ones, I'll buy them, too). I use them all kinds of shopping, plus they come in handy for a quick bag for Princess Nagger to take favorite toys on a sleepover, or carry stuff that doesn't fit in her backpack to school, or just about anything. I like the ones that zip closed (the boxy refrigeration ones from the local grocery store) because I can hide surprises in them and don't have to worry about the kids finding the surprises too early (like the Easter stuff I've gotten so far). ;)

    Do You Do Phone?

  3. We have a lot of the reusable bags from stores and beyond. We use them a for a lot of places. I need to get some new ones since some have not lasted that well (non-cloth ones).

  4. I was never a real cloth diaper user

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  5. I don't use them as much as I should. I just keep forgetting to put them back into the car for my next trip.


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