Saturday, March 10, 2012


Mr. Eight is coming home! The question is.. when?! He won't tell me. He wants it to be a surprise. I'm not sure how this surprise is going to play out, but we'll see! He said it might just be I'll come home one day and he'll be asleep on the couch. Lovely :) 

Our anniversary is Monday and he's told me unfortunately the last test he has to take before he can leave is scheduled after March 12th. So it could be any time after that. I'm not too happy about him missing our anniversary. Last year I was on the Big Island with my geology class over our anniversary, so this is two years in a row :( BUT, more importantly... I hope he gets back for the Hunger Games opening day!!!!! 

The house is not exactly in the best shape.. I moved a lot of things around and didn't finish a lot of what I started. So my goal for this week is to get it all together! I went and bought some new things at Target today to motivate me :) The idea is, I get something new for a room, but I can't get it out or set it up until the room is completely cleaned. It's a good motivator! 

Another reason I need to get cleaning is starting on Monday a neighbor (someone I don't really know well) is going to start coming over to watch my kids for the couple hours I'm in school every day. It's the first time I've ever had a set up like this so I'm a little nervous. Definitely a reason to keep the kitchen clean! 

Whatever happens with Mr. Eight I hope it happens soon! Tomorrow will be 4 months since he left on a trip that was supposed to last 2 months at the longest...

I need a break! 

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