Wednesday, March 28, 2012

How to Organize Pages On the New Facebook

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This month has seen a lot of giveaway events, which means you have probably "liked" more Facebook fan pages than you can count, most likely pages of blogs and businesses you have never even heard of! This can get pretty overwhelming, pretty fast. No one wants to be so inundated with fan page notices that you miss the important statuses of your close friends and relatives. 

You don't need to "hide" or "unlike" all these new fan pages after the giveaway is over however, there is another way! Everyone wants to be a little more organized in their life, so here is how you can organize your Facebook, and hopefully get a little more out of the 15 minutes you spend there in between managing babies or managing your office. 

Facebook allows you to organize your friends into lists. You can edit your lists anytime, friends can be put into multiple lists, and you can even write statuses that are seen only by the people in a specific list. 

You can do the same with your "liked" fan pages. Here's how!

1. Go to the home page by clicking on "facebook" in the top left corner. 
2. In the left hand column click on "friends".
3. Click on "Create List" in the top right corner.
4. A dialogue box should have opened.
    - In the box next to "List Name:" type in the name of your list, I chose the name "Liked Blogs".
    - Skip over the box next to "Members:"
    - Click on "Create"
5. Click on "Manage List" in the top right corner.
    - Choose "Edit List"
6. A dialogue box will open.
    - Click on the drop down menu labeled "On This List" in the top left of the dialogue box. 
    - Choose "Pages"
    - A list of all of your liked pages will populate, choose pages to put in this list by clicking on  them. (They will highlight in blue with a check mark in the corner when they are chosen.)
    - You can scroll down to see more pages.
    - When you are finished selecting pages click on "Finish" in the bottom right corner of the dialogue box.
7. Your list will now appear under "Friends" in the column on the left, if you don't see a list you created in the column click on the word "friends" (or "more" when you mouse over it). You will be taken to a page with all of your lists, some of which Facebook has already created for you. 
8. Enjoy your new organized Facebook :)

You can do the same with your friends, coworkers and family members!

I hope this tutorial helped you! No one wants to see their fans "unlike" or "hide" their pages, so please consider this alternative option! Thanks! 

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  1. you are a lifesaver... this is exactly what I needed, thank you so much!


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