Sunday, March 25, 2012

I Survived Warrior Dash Hawaii 2012!

Yesterday I was given the opportunity to participate in a fantastic event called Warrior Dash! If you haven't heard of it, it is a 3 mile mud run riddled with 12 obstacles! The event is hosted all over the country, as well as in Canada and Australia. It began in 2009 and run locations change every year. Check their website for more information! I hope they come to Hawaii again before we leave here!

Warrior Dash Hawaii was held at Dillingham Ranch which is adjacent to the Waianae Mountains in North Shore Oahu.

The point of Warrior Dash is to have fun, get dirty and challenge yourself, and we did just that! I ran it with two good friends and we had a blast! This was my first official run and I'm proud to say we never stopped to walk and I only skipped one obstacle. I'll tell you why in a moment :) 

One of the fun things about Warrior Dash is that they encourage "dressing up". Everyone came in some kind of costume, it was like Halloween in March! I saw pink tutus, 80s Jazzercise-esque getup, a hillbilly "pregnant" girl with empty beer cans pinned to her cut off jean shorts... and then there was us! Merlotte's waitresses from True Blood! Being the blonde I, of course, was Sookie :)

Let me introduce... The Before Picture

Merlotte's Waitresses (that's me on the right)
And now... The After Picture

pretty good right?
I actually was able to salvage my shirt :) Thank you OxiClean! The phrase of the day was "I had mud in places I didn't no existed!"

We ran in the 2PM wave. Anyone who ran in that wave is considered a "B.A." in my book. It began to rain the moment we got to the Start line. Then it rained harder.. and harder.. and harder.. until I was halfway up the second obstacle and it actually rained harder. Eventually it lightened a bit, but I still had to take my glasses off so I could see. Thank goodness for those apron pockets! Thanks to that, my friend and a couple volunteers my glasses made it out in one piece. I don't recommend wearing glasses to this event!

Because of the rain the whole trail was one giant mud slide. The obstacles were slick and covered in mud and rain. We actually decided to skip the first one altogether. It involved climbing a rope up a vertical wall, and since we had no traction to speak of whatsoever, and there was a line because it was the very first obstacle, we decided just to skip it. Still, I was so worried I was going to fall on a couple of them! I held on tight though and made it through. 

Here are a couple shots of some of the obstacles I was able to get from the road driving in.

I'm really glad I got a shot of this one! This is so much higher than it looks in the picture. I got to the top and thought to myself "What am I doing up here!?" The pole was so slippery with mud and water, I grabbed on, swung around so I was facing the stairs and let go! I shot down to the ground and collapsed in the mud! I was so proud of myself for actually sliding down that pole!

This was before the rain. See how nice the trail looks? 

This one was fun. One of the ropes on the opposite side snapped just as I reached the top, making the whole thing jerk. I had to lay across the top to swing my leg over. You make great friends with the people behind you when you start to go over the top, you end up staring down at them while you look for a foot hole!
During the whole thing I swam through a lake, dropped down a vertical board, leapt over fires and swam through a mud pit. I felt extremely accomplished when I crossed the finish line! I earned that turkey leg and free beer afterwards! I'm not much of a beer drinker so I celebrated the occasion by finishing off my first Miller Lite ;) 

This was after a bath in the lake.

I feel so blessed that I was given this opportunity! Thank you Andrea and April! 

Warriors RAWR!


  1. Hey fellow friends and I were in the 10:30 race...we were dancing in the rain when you ladies ran..we were sending you safe thoughts. It was already slippery when we went. Can only imagine how challenging it was for you group....great job! We were all so blessed to be a part of this great event.

  2. Yeah! Thanks for the safe thoughts, they must have worked because no one fell on their butts! :D I feel so lucky to have been able to participate in this. It makes me so happy another Warrior read my blog!


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