Sunday, March 11, 2012

Leettle Hands and Feet Cloth Diaper Review

Shooting Stars
Right off the bat I just want to say that I love these diapers. The price can't be beat. Especially the bamboo diapers. Something that Leettle Hands and Feet has over other diaper retailers is theirs come with not one but two inserts. The quality is high, and the prices are low, what's not to like??

My Leettle Hands and Feet diapers are my first experience with bamboo diapers. All I can say is, "WHY DIDN'T I BUY THIS BEFORE???" If you don't know already, bamboo is super absorbent, more so than microfiber. My daughter is a very heavy wetter. There was even a time where I bought disposable night time diapers because she was leaking out of everything I had! I kick myself now when I think about it. One package of disposable night time diapers is the same cost as one bamboo diaper with 2 bamboo inserts. How much money I could have saved and I'd have extra bamboo diapers for my son after my daughter is night time potty trained!

Ok, back to the review. The prints are adorable, there are several to choose from. Each bamboo diaper is lined with soft bamboo and comes with two inserts. One diaper and two inserts is $11. That's a great deal!! They are OS snaps, and go up to a fairly large size. I can still overlap it at the waist on my son, he's ten months but has a skinny belly. 

This is Mr. C rockin the "Arrgh Matey!"

My daughter is working on her daytime potty training, so she usually pees right before bed. I stuff one bamboo diaper with three bamboo inserts and we're good to go. One of the things I like best about bamboo is it is very thin. You wouldn't guess that there were 3 inserts in her diaper. (Have you ever stuffed three microfiber inserts in a OS pocket? I've done 4! It looks ridiculous!). We have yet to have a leak with 3 inserts. 

I really recommend these diapers whether or not you have issues with heavy wetting. The price just can't be beat and the quality is great! 


  1. Your little guy is sooo cute! Love the red/black striped diaper as well. :)

  2. Thanks! He wore it to bed tonight ;) Bamboo is my go to nighttime diaper now!


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