Saturday, March 3, 2012

A Little Bit of Mommy Time: Ku'uleilani Day Spa Review and Tips For First Time Day Spa Goers

If you're like me you may find it difficult to set aside some Mommy Time. Every mother deserves it though. I know I feel like I'm entitled to some relaxation, but does that mean it's easy to do it? There are so many things that need to be done at home, for school, with the kids, on my blog.. Sometimes it takes a friend to drag you out and force you to have some time without your children and without your worries. Be sure to check out Groupon and Living Social for good deals, even people in a financial pinch can afford a little something with a Groupon! Needless to say that is how my friend paid for my visit to the Ku'uleilani Day Spa.

We enjoyed the Hawaiian Mocha Cellulite wrap. This wrap was a first for me and I really enjoyed it! It's hard not to enjoy being painted with chocolate then wrapped in a warm blanket. I keep smelling my arms because I still smell like cocoa powder :) My skin is so soft. It feels great!

I also paid extra for a Brown Sugar and Peppermint Foot Scrub. Wow was that nice! Ok it was a little ticklish but totally worth it.

In addition to the foot scrub I also received a facial with a Green Papaya Mask. I really recommend this! The mask smelled amazing, and so did my face!

Before Groupon came about I never really frequented day spas. Besides the facial I had at Ku'uleilani, the last time I had enjoyed a facial I was 18, my long time boyfriend had just broken up with me and my best friend got me a free day of pampering at the little hair salon/spa that she worked at.

If you're new at day spas and are maybe a little nervous about taking some time for yourself here are some tips:

1. Relax! Duh! Ok this may seem like a no brainer but sometimes I have to really tell myself to relax, leave the other errands, laundry, diapers and dishes behind and just enjoy yourself. Help yourself to the treats in the lobby, say "yes please!" when they offer you refreshments in the lobby.
2. Don't be afraid to ask questions. Most day spas will give you some kind of a menu to look at. So even though you may have paid with a Groupon, you can still add on a few small things (like a foot scrub) if you want. Don't be afraid to ask what something is if you don't know! It's part of their job to know the different treatments and how they benefit you. 

3. Don't be afraid to speak up. This goes along with asking questions. If something doesn't seem right, don't just take it for granted that you're new to the experience. Speak up and say something! My bed was beginning to get super super hot during the wrap, turns out it's a heated bed and when I finally said something to the masseuse about it she was more than happy to turn the bed off. 

4. Be punctual. Most day spas have a schedule they have to keep to. There are only so many hours they are opened in a day, and they have to make sure every customer receives their allotted time. If you are 20 minutes late to your appointment, don't be surprised if you are rushed a little. The masseuse only has so much time between each customer, so there isn't much of a cushion. If you are going to be late call and let them know so they can better accommodate you. 

5. Dress accordingly. Wear comfortable clothes that are easy to take off and put on. Try not to be too modest, depending on the treatment you may be asked to strip down to your birthday suit and put on some disposable panties! Go without makeup and be ready to take your hair down or braid it to keep it out of your face. Don't expect to look amazing when you come out either, it's a little like coming out of a yoga class: you're going to feel amazing, that doesn't mean you'll look that great though! If you opt to get extractions you may even end up looking blotchy the rest of the day, so pay attention to what you are getting and what your plans are afterwards. 


  1. Sounds amazing and good for you for carving out this necessary time :)

    Are you familiar with Maui? We're headed to Wailea at the end of this week...any good spas out that way?

  2. Unfortunately Maui is the one island I have not yet visited!


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