Thursday, March 15, 2012

Potty Training: The Toilet Saga

Have you ever sat back and thought how weird it might be to be so obsessed with the poop schedule of a little creature living in your home? Yeah.. me either. 

Well here we are again. Striving for poops in the potty from Miss M.

Her complete lack of acknowledgement when she pooped in her diaper this morning was beyond frustrating. She was still in her nighttime diaper and had just finished breakfast when I helped her down from the table and noticed a funky smell. She owned up to it right away but if I hadn't asked her was she ever going to tell me??

Probably not. Sigh. 

So in an effort to get her more emotionally involved in her decision to poop or not to poop (on the potty), we're trying a new approach suggested by my esteemed neighbor. 

Happy faces for poopoos in the potty and sad faces for poopoos elsewhere. 

Pretty simple right? Miss M already likes to talk about how happy/sad everyone is when she goes, depending on the location of course. On the potty: "I make Mommy so happy!" Elsewhere: "Mommy so sad.. mommy cry right now.."

I hung a string on the towel rack and picked up some wooden clothes pins at Tar-zhay. 

Miss M admiring her Happy Faces

As you can see from the picture we had two success and one mishap the first three days (she only goes once a day). 
The first day she ran in there on her own within hours of me explaining to her about the faces. 
The second day she went a little in her trainer before I told her to run to the potty as fast as she could. 
The third day was a Monday, she had gone in her trainer while the sitter was here. I expected as much. 

It's been two days since then though and still no more happy faces. It's a world of sad faces in our bathroom right now :(

Then this morning was a complete failure. 

I guess we'll just keep on truckin! Spring break is in a few weeks, I'm hoping for a little more progress then!

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  1. I totally understand this situation! My son could have cared less if he went poopy in his underwear. He didn't want to go on the potty at all, until last week. Something clicked in his head and he said "okay, I can do this".

    Of course, now we still have another one to teach, luckily she's already interested in the potty.

    I hope Miss M has more "happy faces"!

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