Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Spring is in the Air

Spring is here!

I had the uncontrollable urge to go buy flowers yesterday! It wasn't until last night, however that I noticed the Google homepage had changed because today is the first day of spring!

(What does that say about me? Maybe my intuition knew it was spring and that's why I wanted to plant flowers, but I didn't actually know it was spring until Google told me... hmm.)

Well the selection of flowers and vegetables at the BX was pretty disheartening so I decided to plant some seeds instead. It's still early enough, and I really don't have the time for a full on garden at the moment. I told myself I wouldn't start gardening again until this semester was over. So seedlings are a good option for me.

I used Jiffy containers this year instead of just the tray. The Dora yogurt container is for Miss M :)

I planted a few leftovers from last year (I'm not sure how those will do), and then a few new ones I had bought as well.

Mr. Eight owes me a raised garden this Mother's Day and I'm really looking forward to it! He was supposed to build it last year but it never got finished. I'm glad actually. Last year I did a lot of container gardening: flowers, tomatoes, radishes, strawberries, onions and carrots. I learned a lot last year though, that will come in handy this year. Snails and slugs are definitely an issue around here, as well as birds and ants. my containers were so full of ants last year I didn't even want to touch them, so I'm going to be taking extra precautions this time around.

I'm especially looking forward to growing cherry tomatoes this year. They did really well last year and it really helped encourage me to eat more salad. They make great omlettes too!

I also bought a bag of wild bird food to make bird feeders! I'll post about that soon!


  1. Love spring but its more like summer in WNY!

  2. Haha I live in Hawaii so I guess it's spring/summer weather all year round. We just got through 2 weeks of straight rain, hail and even a tornado though! So when the sun finally came out in time for spring it felt just right :) Are you doing any gardening?


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