Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Working Out Wednesday

I made my 3 mile goal! Good thing too because the Warrior Dash is on Saturday and it's 3 miles AND obstacles. Whew. I'll let you know how that one goes.

Funny story, I actually had to go out twice to meet my 3 miles. I came in the first time, feeling pretty good about myself, sat down at the computer to double check my distance on Map My Run and lo and behold(!) I was a quarter mile short. /facepalm

I quickly drew up a route to finish it off, put my shoes back on and went out again! My calves were not happy campers, but with a little huffin and puffin we made it.

I tried something new this run. Instead of listening to music, I listened to a TED talk. I found a TED app on my phone the other night and decided to try it out. Music doesn't distract me well, but a good story or invention does. It worked great! The app ran smoothly, only paused a couple times to buffer. I usually have a lot of problems with Pandora on my phone, so this was a nice change. The only thing I disliked is if you lock the screen it pauses the video.

I really like the idea of exercising my mind and body at the same time. Mom's are all about multi tasking right?! I really recommend trying this out, I learned a lot about ocean life and pushed myself to 3 miles all in the same go :)

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