Wednesday, April 25, 2012

I just stumbled across this awesome project while surfing online called! On May 15th, those participating are asked to take photographs of everyday life surrounding three main topics: Home, Work and Connections. Anyone can join in, you don't need a fancy camera or experience. The goal is to share your perspective of the world and what is important to you. 

On May 15th the website will become a platform you can use to upload your pictures, everyone is asked to upload a max of 10 images. All of the pictures will be saved to be studied and enjoyed in the future, and some images will be chosen to be featured in a book or digital exhibition.

The project is initiated by a non-profit organization called Expressions of Humankind. It's also being supported by professional photographers, photojournalists and curators, as well as other inspirational people. 

Here is what the site has to say about why you should join: 

"Why should I join?
Because you love photography. Because you have something to say. Because your life matters. Because the idea of doing something together worldwide is thrilling. Because you like the thought of saving a little something of yourself for generations to come. Because your take on daily life is part of a much bigger picture."
I'm still thinking about what I want to photograph, but I feel like maybe it will just come to me that day. I hope you guys will sign up to and be part of this awesome project and share views of your life on May 15th!

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  1. What an interesting concept! I will check into doing this!


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