Thursday, April 12, 2012

Aloha Friday #10

Welcome to Aloha Friday! It's a weekly blog event that started at An Island Life where I ask a simple question, answer it, then invite you to answer it also! 

I can't believe this is my 10th Aloha Friday! :D Unfortunately it won't be so laid back for me, I have a Unit Test today! Wish me luck!

I was at an awesome play date yesterday and a friend snapped a picture of me and our other friend chit chattin with our baby boys sleeping on our backs! I love it, one of my favorite pictures ever :) 

I love babywearing! It gives me so much freedom to chase after Miss M. I wish I had done it more with her. I take that back, I did do it a lot, but I hurt my back using the cheaper brand carriers rather than purchasing a nice one like I have now. I couldn't live without my Gemini! 

One of the upsides is when we are out and about and it's nap time Mr. C can still sleep. My kids have never been big on passing out in the stroller at the mall, but as soon as I put 'em on my back they're out! 

My question this week is: What do you think about babywearing? Some of you have kids that are grown already, was babywearing an option when your children were this young? Is it something you would have liked to try?

Thanks for playing!

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  1. Good luck on your test!!

    I don't think we had them back when my boys were young, but if there was, I wouldn't have been able to use them anyway due to back problems. How I miss those days, my boys are now 28 & 26.

  2. My boys are 8 and almost 5. Baby wearing was popular, but there were not nearly as many options readily available in stores like there are now. I tried baby wearing, but never found anything that was comfortable enough for me to use.

  3. good luck today!

    I did it a little with my daughter, but not much

  4. I loved baby wearing when Princess Nagger was a baby - I had one of those slings so I could cradle her in the front. :)

    Taming the Procrastination Beast

  5. I didn't do it as much as I wanted to... because I did not have the money for a nice carrier... now, I know whenever we have another... that is a must :)

  6. I have five kids. I have worn four of them in the same ring sling. My daughter is 9, and she was the first. I wish I could double wear though, because sometimes I need to carry the toddler and the baby is always on me. We are in a third floor walkup and if I am alone with the toddler and the baby, I have to carry both. I've done it several times. When the baby was still in an infant seat, I would wear the toddler in the sling, with a diaper bag, and a purse. No fun. But I wear the baby everywhere we go now. I put him into a convertible(rear facing)as soon as he was big enough for the weight limits on it. He falls asleep in the ring sling about 80% of the time still and he's 7 months old. I have us down to the baby, the toddler and a backpack with everything in it. I can put the baby in the sling, put the backpack on, and still have the toddler on my hip. He's much better at the stairs now, and I don't have to carry him unless he's sleeping, but it's slow going LOL I LOVE baby wearing though. And for the most part, it keeps strangers at arms length of new babies. I had to slap a woman's hand away once when she tried to touch my freshly out of the NICU baby that I was wearing... it was horrifying.

  7. Good luck on your test.

    I love babywearing, but yes it would hurt my back if I wasn't wearing the carrier right or if it was one of those cheap ones.

    Also while I loved it. I had a fear of it ripping and my baby falling out.

    Happy weekend

  8. I do it for my 3 kids and am still using the ergo for my #3 who is 18 mths old. I don't put her on piggyback but in the front as I find it easier to tend to her that way.

  9. Baby wearing saved me a couple of times. My two oldest were close together in age and my two youngest were only a year apart so when they're both crying I get to sort of hold then both & rock back & forth. My first born is about the year they first came out & I had one because I didn't have a car then so we took buses, she loved it.

  10. I had the front-end holder when my kids were babies.

    Have a great Friday!

  11. Thanks I'm gonna need the luck today! :D

  12. I tried baby wearing with all my kids and some took to it better than others. I loved being able to carry them around with me hands-free!


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