Thursday, April 19, 2012

Ammonia, Fleas, and GRE

I haven't had a chance to write a post in a few days. First I was frustrated because I lost the SD card USB thingy that I use to upload pictures onto my computer, and I was waiting to find it to write a post with pictures. I'm still battling the great Ammonia battle. I boiled all the inserts, stripped them with Dawn and sunned everything, but about half of the diapers still smell like ammonia after a single pee from Mr. C. Not good. 

To top that off I am now also fighting fleas. My cat has enjoyed coming and going at her leisure these past 6 months and call me stupid but I didn't even consider getting them flea medication. I'm from Alaska and so fleas have never been at the top of the list of things I need to do for my pets. Believe me, I've adjusted the list accordingly. I don't think my husband understood the severity of the situation until last night when I was combing her and knocking fleas into a bowl of bleach water. (BTW, fleas don't drown and bleach doesn't kill them, they just swam to the side of the bowl and started climbing back up!) It didn't take long for the surface of the water in my large glass mixing bowl to be covered with fleas. This is after they've already been treated at the vet and treated with Frontline at home. Disgusting. 

Saturday my battle plans will unfold! Vacuum the crap out of the house with the Kirby, set off a couple flea foggers, take the cats for a flea dip and the kids to lunch and the park, come back and air out the house, spray the carpet with flea killer for good measure and then pick up the cats. I'm going to have Mr. Eight spray the outside of the house for bugs too. That needs to be done anyway. I found something gross crawling around near the play room and I can't even tell you what it was. It was long and had antennae. I killed it with a Mega Block. ;) 

In the midst of all of this I'm also trying to study for the GRE and one last math CLEP. I should have had both done 2 months ago but I'm a gigantic procrastinator to the tenth degree! I'm graduating in just a few weeks and I really need the credits from the CLEP!

Also, the car registrations for both mine and Mr. Eight's cars expired while he was TDY and as of yesterday we still hadn't finished taking care of it. It's an annoying 3 step process here in Hawaii, we had done the first part but still needed to make 2 more stops. I narrowly avoided getting pulled over yesterday when a couple cops were clocking people coming off base (that has to be some kind of targeting). While I was still celebrating I got a text from Mr. Eight to meet him at the City Hall asap because he had just been pulled over on base. Lovely. At least he didn't get a ticket! 

I had to pull out cash at the mall though (only in Hawaii would the City Hall NOT take credit/debit cards /eyeroll) and I left my debit card in the ATM. Of course no one turned it in. I hate ATM's that take your debit card. There is no reason to suck my card into your machine, just let me swipe it like a normal machine. Sigh. 

So that's what's been going on here!


  1. Did I tell you I lost my card to an ATM last week too?! I HATE ATMs that suck your card in!!!! I ordered a new card on Monday and it finally came in the mail yesterday.


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