Thursday, April 12, 2012

Celebration Day #12

The wonderful Booty Buns has been kind enough to offer 1 lucky reader a diaper!!!  And you get to choose which one :)  Even though they just gave away a HUGE prize package they still find it in their hearts to help us little guys :)  I would like to thank Booty Buns for this wonderful giveaway!!

A Little About the Prize
Our ONE SIZE POCKET CLOTH DIAPERS consist of 3 different components: shell, insert and liner & we now offer a matching cloth wipe with each diaper. The shell is composed of an outer layer and an inner layer that create a pocket in between the 2 layers. There is an opening in the front and the back of the diaper creating an envelope style pocket. The pocket is used for stuffing the absorbent inserts into. The liner is placed on top of the diaper becoming the layer closest to your baby's booty. The cloth wipe measures 7.5" x 7.5" & is double sided; one side is 100% cotton flannel & the other side is jersey micro-terry cloth.
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  1. I would choose the Royal Booty...=)

  2. I would pick Royal Booty!(It's hard to find BOY friendly Purples!!)

  3. Royal Booty all the way! My little guy looks fantastic in purple.


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