Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Celebrating Mothers in May Day One

Welcome to Celebrating Mothers in May! May is a wonderful month, the flowers are blooming, warm weather is rolling in (I hope, anyway) and then there's Mother's Day! Although I am hosting two downright awesome giveaways for moms, I would like to honor them in another way: by listening to stories from and about mothers. This week I will be sharing stories with you that were submitted by other bloggers and followers to celebrate Mother's Day. If you have a story or essay you would like to share please contact me via Facebook and let me know :)

Joe from This Frugal Family shared this beautiful story of he and his wife's miracle baby boy. :)

"My wife and I have been married for 7 years, and we lost 2 babies that first year. For a while, we both decided it was God's plan, and it must be too soon for a baby, but now here we are.

She's 36 and I'm 38, and we have a beautiful baby boy who will be 1 on May 20. His arrival wasn't as expected either, he was "frank" breach, which means his head and feet were at her chest and his butt was down. She had to have a C-section. 

When my son was born, he had a heart murmur that was heard immediately. We made an appointment with Children's Hospital, and were seen within a week. However, my wife was readmitted to the hospital with a major infection and missed his appointment. She was so torn up being stuck at the hsopital feeling useless. 

Jacob outgrew the 4 heart issues that he was diagnosed with, and now only has to go back every year, when it was every 3 months. My wife has a daughter who will soon be 15, so it is not her first Mother's day, but it is still a special one. 

It's her first Mother's Day with our handsome baby boy."

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