Saturday, May 19, 2012

My Baby Boy is Growing Up

Exactly one year ago today I was in the hospital, eagerly awaiting discharge approval from the pediatrician and OB. Mr. C, my good little eater, was intermittently nursing and sleeping, happy as they come. I was busy texting and Facebooking and trying to fit a shower in while Mr. Eight went to get the car seat. I can see it all like it was yesterday :) 

Of course I have the normal feelings and thoughts right now, the same ones every mom has around this birthday, and maybe every birthday thereafter: "I can't believe my baby is one!", "Where has the time gone?", "When will he start sleeping through the night??" Ok, so some of you may be lucky enough to not have to wonder about that last one, but as I sat with him at 3:30AM this morning nursing him back to sleep, I thought, "I'm ok with this." Even though I'm tired in the morning and I'm, initially, not very happy about dragging myself out of bed in the early morning hours for a feeding, he's my baby, and most likely my last, so I know I'd better just enjoy it while I can. 

Ask anyone who knows me. Mr. C is my little baby. I am in complete denial that he is a one year old. He will always be my little snuggle bunny, keeping me warm while Mr. Eight was TDY for 4 months. I hope some day he reads this and is completely embarrassed that I shared it with the world :) (By the way, you are the best snuggle bunny!)

I'm scared and excited about what the next year will bring. My single, biggest hope is that I can keep Mr. C out of the E.R. before he turns 2. I promised Grandma I would try! He is a climber and a dare devil and an all around boy, climbing up furniture and diving back off them, crawling full speed ahead into the waves at the beach. I have a feeling the odds are not in my favor. 

We have the whole summer ahead of us, and I'll (hopefully) complete two semesters of graduate school before his next birthday. Just like I completed my last two semesters of my undergraduate schooling before he turned 1. I wonder if it will go by just as fast as this year has. 

Le sigh. My baby boy is growing up. 


  1. It goes by so fast doesn't it?! Your son is adorable. Before you know it, he'll be 10 like my son is now!! It goes by in a blink. :)

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    I followed you on all the sites you have on your page.

    Please follow me back if you have time!!

  2. The older I get the faster time flies by! Enjoy it. :o)

    1. Thanks :) That's what I told myself at 5 this morning when he woke me up! :P

  3. little guy will be a year in Sept, and it seems like this first 8 months flew by:-(

    1. It does fly by! My daughter is 2 and a half and it feels like just yesterday she was eating solids for the first time, or learning to roll over!

  4. I felt that same way as I nursed my last two children, who are now 2 1/2. I would be up at all hours, nursing them back to sleep, but I just thought of how precious that time is and how quickly it goes by (my oldest is already 10!). Makes that sleep deprivation all worth it!


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