Thursday, May 3, 2012

Pigs in a Biscuit

What do you do when you don't have crescent rolls and an unexpected desire for pigs in a blanket? Pigs in a biscuit! 

Ok, so this is totally going off of the assumption, that like me, you had biscuits in your fridge and not crescent rolls. 

I had flaky biscuits, which I think worked to my advantage because they were easy to peel apart. 

Take them out of the can. 
Peel the uncooked biscuit in half. 
Cut the hot dog in half or thirds (I did thirds). 
Wrap the pig up in the biscuit half. 
Bake! Follow the directions on the biscuit can. 

Now I know this isn't some kind of great revelation here, biscuits aren't a far cry from crescent rolls. But I honestly would never have thought to use these if the can hadn't been sitting right there in the middle of the fridge staring me in my disappointed face. :P

Pigs in a Biscuit are Miss M Approved! 


  1. Okay now I totally want pigs in a blanket!

    1. Right?! I couldn't even remember the last time I'd had them! :D

  2. OMG, I think you just gave me my dinner idea :)
    New follower from blog hop


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