Thursday, June 14, 2012

Father's Day: Last Minute Ideas

If you haven't picked out a Father's Day gift yet, your best chance might be to just make something with the kids! I scoured Pinterest for my favorite ideas, picked out a few and brought them here to share with you! 

I'm doing a couple of these and will share them later today when they are finished! I can't wait to show you!

This Backrub Shirt play shirt is from the Pink and Green Mama. What a great way for Dad to spend some time with the kids on Father's Day! A few fabric markers and a white T-Shirt is all you need. 

Framed pictures can last forever, and make a great and easy gift. I wish my kids were old enough for something like this! 

This is a great arts and crafts project with the kids. I'm making a variation of this myself. Believe me, tracing Mr. C's hand was no easy task! One year olds aren't exactly fond of staying still! I also saw something like this as a quilt square in a frame. 

This is one of my favorites though I decided not to do it this year. If you do this one make sure you use washable paint! The link on this pin is broken, I left a comment with this link to DIY Father for another tutorial.

For more great ideas follow my Father's Day board on Pinterest! 

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  1. awesome!! great ideas- thanks so much for the reminder that there's still time do do something cute & thoughtful!! i am re-inspired and am going to work on something on saturday! :)


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