Monday, June 4, 2012

Oh Noes Game of Thrones :(

Season 2 has finally come to an end! I can't believe it, seems like only yesterday Mr. Eight and I were excitedly talking about the first episode airing. 

It was so good though! The actors in this show are perfect, I can't think of anyone better to play these parts. Especially Jaqen H'ghar, the Faceless Man, he's mine and Mr. Eight's favorite. They did such a great job with him! 

Looks like we have at least 10 months until the next season airs though. What are you going to do in the meantime? If you're like many of my friends and neighbors who haven't yet read the books, I suggest this is a good time to pick them up. I'm only in the middle of the 3rd book myself, so don't give anything away if you've read them all! 

If you have read them all and you're waiting (patiently, I'm sure) for the Winds of Winter to come out, here is something to whet your appetite if you haven't seen it already. George R. R. Martin released the first chapter of the book on his website. I just love it when author's do that :) You can read it here.

I know a lot of you probably haven't watched the show. And that's ok, I forgive you ;) If you do pick it up though, the first episode is a little heavy on the nudity, thanks HBO, but it's really not bad after that so close your eyes, it's worth it. Besides, this show has got nothin on True Blood in the HBO soft-core porn department! So if you watched that then you're golden. 

Game of Thrones is perfect for some summer reading. I really recommend picking it up! Let me know if you do, I'd love to hear what you have to say about the books or the show. Hit me up on Facebook and we can be nerds together :) 


  1. Hubs and I are always cracking up at the unnecessary boobage! We'll likely be watching the season finale tonight! Let me know when you finish the books! I could use a good "omg can you believe it!!!" with you :p

  2. I've never heard of this show, but it sounds kind of interesting!!

    Bekah Kuczenski


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