Friday, June 29, 2012

Playgroup Fun - Colorful Coffee Filters

I hosted playgroup at my house this week. We've been really lucky in our PCS here in that there is an amazing community here of moms interested in providing their children with educational play. After deciding to get together to try out a fun activity seen on Pinterest (this all stems from Pinterest, I swear!), the most organized Mom began a Facebook group and setup a weekly time for us to meet and take turns hosting a (mostly) educational play date! 

This week was my turn. I decided to try out eyedropper painting on coffee filters with food coloring in water. The idea is to have your child use the eye dropper to drop colored water on the filter and watch it spread out, and see what happens when you use multiple colors.

Well, once we got all the kids and parents assembled in the backyard it was clear that there were far too many to successfully handle eyedroppers and food coloring. My neighbor suggested we use markers instead and then spray the coffee filters with water. A much better activity for the group that we had! 

This really worked great. The water causes the colors to run together making a pretty pattern :) Have your child color away with different colors on a single coffee filter, then spray with water, and hang to dry! You can fold these into shapes and hang them to make a pretty mobile!

I'm going to try the eye droppers again soon when it's just Miss M and a couple other kids. The eye droppers are good for fine motor skills. The markers are just fun! Be sure to use washable markers though, especially if you're working with toddlers like we were!


  1. This looks like fun. You were brave to try the eye dropper painting with so many kids. Glad you're neighbor came up with an idea for such a large group of kids. And now you have the next rainy day project for your kids.

  2. Me and my wife spend time with our kid and do such creative activities. We often take our kid to indoor play centre equipment (as he likes it a lot). The combination of physical and creative activity play a vital role in building a child's character, that's what we believe.


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