Sunday, June 10, 2012

Summer Blog Challenge - Day 11 - Best Day of Your Life

Going Green with the Grizls

Today's Topic: The Best Day of Your Life

This is a tough one! Of course there are two days that stand out to me, when my children were born. I don't want to go into birth stories right now though. Best save them for another day :) 

The third day that comes to mind is when Mr. Eight and I got married. Let's go with that one!

We were both enlisted in the Air Force at the time, in Texas for training. We had started dating in California when we were learning Chinese together, and during our drive from California to Texas we stopped to visit my grandparents in Arizona. We had an amazing three days relaxing, reveling in the excitement of not being in a dorm. My grandparents live at the edge of the Saguaro National Park. If you've never been it's absolutely gorgeous there. 

By the time we left I knew I wanted to marry him. 

After we'd been in Texas for a few weeks I kind of just brought it up. I don't exactly remember how the conversation went. I just wanted to make it official. I called around to the court house and learned that if you were military you didn't have to wait the normal three days after getting a marriage license. We got married within two days after I made that first phone call. 

We found the quaint little Texan courthouse in San Angelo, and soon learned they only took cash. Mr. Eight left to find an ATM and boy did it take a long time! I waited and waited and thought for sure he'd gotten cold feet. He came back in the end though. I ran down the hall and jumped on him when I saw him come in the door. 

We were married by a little old judge in a little old courthouse.

It was probably a week before I told my parents. They took it well ;) 

I have absolutely no regrets about running off to a courthouse to get married. Except that we didn't tell anyone, so we don't have any pictures!


  1. Lovely post and honest. It is a shame you do not have photos of the special event, but you can just do a dress day for fun and take some pictures of you and the family. What you get now may be exactly what you would have had then but with a bit more loving history attached to it.
    I am following you from the Summer Challenge Hop, and hope you can follow back.

  2. I imagine that you two will one day create another "best day" to add to your lifetime bests. Love the story! Maybe one day you two can do a vow renewal ceremony, invite your family members and take all the pictures you want!


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