Friday, June 15, 2012

Summer Blog Challenge - Day 14 - 15 Tips to Get Through Life

Going Green with the Grizls

Today's Topic: 15 Tips to Get You Through Life

A quarter of a century to live certainly isn't that much, but here is what I've come up with so far!

1. Be patient. When I was younger I made a lot of super rash decisions that I really regret. Things like, getting a credit card, moving out of my mom's house and into an apartment with friends (huge mistake and total waste of money), and signing a loan to get a new car. These are mostly financial mistakes that stuck with me for years afterwards. 

2. Get to know your relatives. A time may come when you really regret not getting to know your grandparents better, or your great aunt. Their stories are priceless and cannot be replaced. 

3. Use your torch sparingly. Burning bridges can lead to huge regrets. Six years after the fact there are still some relationships that I wish I could repair. 

4. Be kind and generous but not naive. There is a line that runs between naive generosity and stinginess, try to find it. Giving is a wonderful thing that everyone should experience, but you shouldn't let people take from you either. 

5. Go outside more! You don't always need to hit the gym to workout, take your kids hiking or snowboarding. Just go! 

6. Expand your mind by listening to both sides of an argument, try to see where others are coming from. 

7. Pick your battles, they aren't all as important as they seem right at that moment. 

8. Make time. It can be really hard but you should try to make time for friends and family, especially those you don't see often. 

9. Travel! Go places and see new things! 

10. Try something new at least once a month. A new workout, a new food, a new TV show, a new restaurant, a new town, anything. 

11. Give people the benefit of the doubt. Just because someone cut you off in traffic doesn't mean they are a horrible person. Remember, you don't always know where people are coming from or what kind of day they've had. Yeah, they shouldn't take it out on you, but if you can give them a break, you should. 

12. Smile at strangers :) 

13. Remember that "please" and "thank you" can go a long way! 

14. Keep learning. Take classes, read a book, a Wikipedia page, watch Animal Planet, learn something new and then share it with someone else!

15. Be preventative. Go to the doctor, wear sunscreen, wear a condom, take your vitamins and go for a run!

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