Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Summer Blog Challenge - Day 26 - How Does He Melt Your Heart?

Going Green with the Grizls

Today's Topic: How Does He Melt Your Heart?

It's always the little and mundane things that get me. 

Getting up with the kids in the morning so I can sleep in. 

Making dinner. 

Doing the dishes. 

Bringing me flowers or my favorite candy. 

Little things :)


  1. I agree it is always the little things that have the most meaning... one of those don't forget to stop and smell the flowers situations :)

  2. I agree, the little things are what usually get me, too. That and his undying love and willingness to learn how to take care of me with my chronic illness.

    I just love him so much! :)

  3. I agree- it is the little things. My two recent moments was one of his days off, he let me take a nap in the afternoon and kept the kids quiet. THe biggest one was mother's day. He actually wrote in the card (normally it just says his name). But to know he took the time to Thank him for supporting him and the kids during the 6 months he was gone training for a new job.... I will never forget that.


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