Saturday, June 9, 2012

Summer Blog Challenge - Day 9 - Your Worst Cooking Disaster

Going Green with the Grizls

Today's Topic: Your Worst Cooking Disaster

I'm actually a pretty decent cook. My biggest issue is distraction. The kids, the computer, my husband, the neighbors, I've burned many a thing because I've gotten distracted and left the kitchen for too long. Last week I burned a home made pizza, and then just the other day I really botched it when I walked away from a pot of steaming carrots. 

I had them in a metal steam basket inside my favorite pot. A nice T-Fal I bought when I was in California, before Mr. Eight and I were still dating. We'd stayed at a hotel with a kitchenette and I had just brought home the spices I needed to make my favorite Thai soup (I'll tell you about it another time). I bought the pot at Target on clearance. 

Well, I left it too long on the stove. The water all evaporated and the bottom became all bubbled and carbonated :( The kitchen stank forever too. I was so sad to throw it away! 

Luckily we have a Ross and I was able to pick up another one for cheap, but it was my favorite pot, the first dish I bought after leaving home. 

I'm such a sap :P 

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