Monday, June 18, 2012

Summer Blog Challenge - Day 19 - Something You're Proud of From the Last Few Days

Going Green with the Grizls

Today's Topic: Something You're Proud of From the Last Few Days

Yesterday I went grocery shopping! I bought a half cart full of fruits and veggies, the rest of what I got came off of the grocery list for the SELF Challenge which I just started. I'm not big on sticking to diets but they have some great recipes and I'd like to mix up what I can and go from there. 

When I got home and got Mr. C down for a nap I went through all the produce and chopped up and sliced what I could, then divided it into baggies and containers that I can easily grab throughout the week. I'm hoping this will not only make it easy for me and the kids to eat healthier, but also to prevent wasting food. I have a big problem with forgetting about what I bought and finding it a week and a half later, brown and mushy in the bottom of the crisper :S 

Also in an effort to prevent wastefulness, I wrote down all the veggies and fruits on a dry erase board in the kitchen. As I eat them I erase them off the board. Before I buy more I can look and see what we have without having to dig through the refrigerator. I hope this helps! 

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  1. great idea!! i have a problem with buying gorgeous produce & then forgetting about it~ i may have to try out the dry erase board thing & see how that works for me! i also need to start planning meals to figure out what i need & what i can use up! very inspirational~ methinks i need to take a trip to the farmers market! :)


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