Saturday, June 9, 2012

Toddler Play Garden

We've been doing a lot of gardening around here lately and although Miss M has a couple plants that are "hers" (mint and lavender) and she gets to help with the watering, I thought it would be nice if she could have a garden of her own! 

After a little brainstorming I took her to the craft store and we perused the floral aisle. I was getting supplies for a new wreath anyway. Miss M picked out some bright colored flowers she liked and I looked around for the easiest way to build her a garden. 

I found it in the floral arrangements! 

I picked up a little tray with spikes in the bottom, a small floral styrofoam brick and the flowers she had picked out. 

Voila! A Miss M sized garden! 


  • Miss M started picking at the styrofoam, make sure they know that's not ok. 
  • The flower heads pop off really easy. I'm considering taking the hot glue gun to mine to keep Miss M from pulling them off. 
  • Keep away from baby siblings, Mr. C already tried eating the styrofoam a couple times!
  • I'm going to make a felt bag to put the flowers in, or find a bag to put the whole thing in for easy storage. 


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