Monday, July 30, 2012

Another Trip to the Zoo!


There. I've said it. I love going to the zoo! Probably because I grew up in Alaska and although when I was a kid there was much excitement due to Binky the polar bear attempting to eat some woman who jumped the fence, the zoo was never much to yell about.

The Honolulu Zoo, on the other hand, is awesome. I don't care that it isn't the biggest zoo I've ever been to, and they don't have the most animals. However! The parking is fantastic (compared to the rest of the island), the entry fee is peanuts, the membership fee is more than affordable (they even offer a military discount), and the animals never cease to amuse!

Mr. Eight got the day off so we decided to go take a gander at some animals. I'm kind of obsessed with making checklists for Miss M everywhere we go. (I'll be posting about the grocery store soon). So I wanted to share with you the list I made for her. Now, remember, this is specific to the Honolulu Zoo and the animals I knew we would be seeing. (Of course one of them wasn't out today, and another we only saw one of before he disappeared inside, but it still worked.)

I got the clipart from I did not make this clipart, and I'm not claiming I made this clipart! I downloaded the pictures and then added them to a Google document. I had to resize a few so they'd fit better on the page, but it was super easy to do! Check it out below or click on the link here to download it!

Zoo Checklist


  1. We just took Charlie to the zoo for the first time last week and he LOVED it! We'll definitely be going back a lot!


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