Friday, July 27, 2012

Belly Rest Maternity Pillow Stuck In Red Tape

When the government talks about making it easier for small businesses to get started, these are the types of things that need to be considered. 

You know that stupid, annoying tag that comes on the end of your pillow? The one that says "Do Not Remove Under Penalty of Law"? Well apparently that obnoxious tag doesn't come cheap. In fact, it's putting back one mom $4,660!! 

Kerri Smith, the inventor of the Belly Rest Maternity Pillow is trying to sell her product online but can't because 14 states require that tag to be attached to the pillow! In order to get that tag and all the fees that go along with it, it's going to cost Kerri $4,660! 

Really? Isn't there a way around this? If only there were some way to help her get her awesome pillow out there! 

Well, apparently Kerri wasn't one to sit around and cry about her pillow tags. She decided to rap about it instead. She enlisted the help of some other prego moms to make a rap video describing her predicament and asking for your help. It's AMAZING! This girl seriously has some balls and determination!

Watch this hilarious video here at Indiegogo, and then if you're feeling really generous donate a little to help her out. The lowest amount is just $5, definitely manageable for a lot of people! 

I hope she gets all the money she needs! If anyone deserves some pillow tags it's her!

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  1. Hi Savannah - this is Kerri Smith, the girl with "balls and determination." (love it!) Thank you so much for posting this for me. Fortunately, Hawaii isn't one of the maddening states that charges a pillow tag registration fee. I'm all for consumer protection and glad that I can rest assured that there's no unknown junk inside the pillow I sleep on at night, but it's crazy how much they charge!
    Thank you so much for getting behind my cause and spreading the word. Hopefully I'll be helping more pregnant women sleep better soon!


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