Monday, July 16, 2012

Big Decisions - Revisited

A few days ago I posted about decisions I was having to make partly based on the possibility of Mr. Eight being deployed.

I was really leaning towards not attending school this semester. I'm planning on starting an online graduate program through a University in Texas. 

Well, it turns out the deployment was filled, so Mr. Eight won't be leaving. Yay, he'll be here for the holidays! It was so hard not having him here last year. 

On top of that I got some exciting news. Miss M has a place in a little preschool nearby! I put her on the wait list this summer and I wasn't sure if she was going to make it in or not. She turns 3 in December, so she'll be in an "older 2's" class. It's only two days a week and she got Monday/Wednesday just like I requested, which is great because Playgroup is on Thursdays. 

Preschool and daycare in Hawaii is super super expensive. So with this in mind I think I had better go ahead and plan on starting school. I'm going to need that GI Bill money if I'm going to keep her place in preschool!

I'm so nervous about her starting! Obviously I've had to take her to a sitter before, I was in school full time for three semesters here. However, this is just so much different. 

Has your chillins gone through preschool yet? What was the first day like!?

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  1. My son is in a preschool program two days per week. He loves it. He's learning so much - both academically and socially - and I enjoy having some time to myself. In the fall, he'll switch to 3 days as he needs more stimulation.


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