Thursday, July 26, 2012

How Do You Relax With Your Husband?

It's been really nice at home this week because Mr. Eight has been on a day schedule. Normally his work schedule is all over the place, including random swing and mid shifts, but this week it was nice and normal :) He still has an hour commute, but even so he spent a lot more time at home, awake, when the kids and I were home, and also awake. Sounds weird but that doesn't always happen around here!

In honor of his being home in the evenings he's taken over bath time every night (giving me a little extra time to blog ;) ). Even better though is it's given us a little more time to hang out after the kids go to bed. Normally we're really big on just sitting on the couch watching TV, but this week we wanted to do something special. Besides, I'm obsessed with the Vampire Diaries now and I've been working my way through season 2 this week, so I had control of the TV!

So instead of our usual veg out routine we decided to game together a little bit! Nothing drastic now, no WoW or Battlefield 3, but there are some games I really enjoy playing. Mainly the world domination ones (wonder what that says about me!). When I was in high school I played Civilization a lot. I started off with Civ III and loved it! I was really excited when we were dating and Mr. Eight said he liked to play it too. So, every now and then when we have time we'll play a game together :)

This week we're playing the new Gods and Kings version. I have to say I love it! I think the changes are huge improvements! I'm loving the new faith and espionage settings! It also makes naval warfare much easier.

Now that I've nerded out a little bit I want to know, how do you and your husband relax and have fun at home?? :D

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