Monday, July 2, 2012

Summer Blog Challenge - 7/2 - Share a Poem

Going Green with the Grizls

Today's Topic: Share a Poem 

I love poetry. I've read lots of poetry. I've written lots of poetry. 

In the end though some of my favorite are children's poetry. I'd love to write children's poetry :)

This is one of the first poems I fell in love with.  (I'm glad I decided to write this post, I'm going to order this book for Miss M right now :) ) 

What is White?

By Mary O'Neil 
From the book Hailstones and Halibut Bones

White is a Dove 
And lily of the valley 
And a puddle of milk 
Spilled in an alley--- 
A ship's sail 
A kite's tail 
A wedding veil 
Hailstones and 
Halibut bones 
And some people's 
The hottest and most blinding light 
Is white. 
And breath is white 
When you blow it out on a frosty night. 
White is the shining absence of all color 
Then absence is white 
Out of touch 
Out of sight. 

White is marshmallow 
And vanilla ice cream 
And the part you can't remember 
In a dream. 
White is the sound 
Of a light foot walking 
White is a pair of 
Whispers talking. 
White is the beautiful 
Broken lace 
Of snowflakes falling 
On your face. 
You can smell white 
In a country room 
Toward the end of May 
In the cherry bloom. 

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