Monday, July 2, 2012

Summer Blog Challenge 7/3 - Summer Plans

Going Green with the Grizls

Today's Topic: Summer Plans

No plans here really. I'm just relaxing, enjoying my summer break before I start school again in the August. It's great to be able to take my kids to play group and participate in different activities in the community. It will have different kinds of challenges, but it will be nice in the fall when I'm only taking online courses and I can accommodate the kids a little bit better than the past three semesters.

My parents both came to visit in May for my graduation, so no one will visit again until November maybe. Plus we live on an island, so no road trips :) Just beach, beach, beach.

I have a good friend who will be PCSing at the beginning of next summer as well, her husband just deployed so we'll be hanging out a lot this summer I think. Which is funny because last summer my neighbors husband was deployed and I spent almost every day with them!

My kids are too young to tempt me onto a plane with them, although I'm sure my family would love for me to come home and visit. Maybe next summer :) Especially if Mr. Eight picks up a deployment.


  1. Enjoy the beach. I wish I had a nice beach close by. All there is here is a bunch of murky water that is questionable at the best of times from all the farms that it runs through, it smells like cow pee in the heat too :( Yuck!

    1. Yuck that does not sound safe or enjoyable! I'm sending you Aloha Hawaiian vibes. Ommmmmmmm

  2. I fondly remember several trips to Hawaii and being able to visit quite a few of them. Was impressed with the quick flights between islands - almost like a bus service...but in the air. :) What a beautiful place to relax and enjoy the summer! Enjoy!

  3. SO jealous! Who needs a summer vacation when you live on an island?? Can I come visit? lol! ;)

  4. Wow. You had me at "Just beach, beach, beach...." LOL. How I would love to just hang on the beach for a bit!!

    I am grateful I popped over from the Summer Blog Challenge facebook. I feel more relaxed after this brief "Summer Visit"!~

  5. I'm jealous! I live in flat desert lands in Texas. :p No beaches for us, unless you drive about 10 hours to the Gulf Coast....


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