Monday, July 23, 2012

Tips For Having a Great Yard Sale!

Eight Days a Week Yard Sale Tips!

I had a yard sale last weekend, my very first one! You can read about it here. I wanted to share with you what I learned, so here it is, my best tips for a great yard sale.

1. Hang 'em up! Clothes that are hung up tend to sell more and at a better price than those in stacks on the ground. I had piles of clothes on a blanket and it was so hard to keep it organized! I still sold a lot but I feel if it had been better displayed I would have done better. You can buy clothes line at almost any hardware store. Hang it between trees, beams, whatever is available. You can hang up some clothes in trees too! If it's possible, use a table to display items instead of leaving them on the ground. Try to keep things as organized as possible and easily accessible. 

2. Advertise. If no one knows about it they won't come. Invest in an ad in the local paper, or better yet find yard sale groups on Facebook and advertise there. Put it in your status and let your friends know too. Tweet it! Then go to Craigslist and list it there in the yard sale section, let people know of any big ticket items you might have. Of course, don't forget the good ol' yard sale signs! Use bright colors. Poster board can work just as well as the more expensive pre-made signs. 

3. Got any spare change? Make sure to get some ones, fives and quarters ahead of time. People will bring big bills and need change. You don't want to miss out on a sale because you didn't have change. Also, be sure to check for counterfeits, especially twenty dollar bills and higher. Hold them up to the light and check for the water mark. 

4. Offer more! If it's going to be hot having iced bottled water to sell for cheap can be a big incentive for people to stop and look around. If you have older kids then a lemonade stand is even better! My neighbors daughter had one at our yard sale and it was so great, the kids loved it and they made some money too. 

5. Have bags at the ready! Make sure you have a supply of garbage bags and grocery bags ready for your customers. No one that showed up on Saturday had thought ahead enough to bring their own bag, kind of disappointing. I was at my neighbors house so I had to bum a couple garbage bags off her for bigger items like blankets and pillows. 

6. Keep it visible. Things should look neat and orderly. Imagine walking into a store, if it's a big pile of mess you're probably not going to stay long! Your tables shouldn't look like the back shelves at the Salvation Army. If you have more expensive "big ticket" items, then put them out front where they'll be easily seen by passersby. A lot of people like to just drive by slowly and look, if they can't see it from the road they wont' stop. 

I'll update next week with pictures! I'm so excited to have another yard sale! If you've had a yard sale, successful or unsuccessful this summer let me know!


  1. great tips, it's been a while since we had one

  2. We've had a garage sale last summer and it all went well. Having change is a MUST!! We are having our very first community yard sale and it will be interesting. It's a good thing that the park is right infront our house!



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