Saturday, July 28, 2012

Yard Sale Revisited

Well I did another yard sale today. Not nearly as successful as last week! It looked gloomy right off the bat, and then started raining not long after I got set up. I was under a car port so that was ok, but I'm sure a lot of people were turned off and didn't bother coming out. The next neighborhood over doesn't have car ports and I heard that most of them just closed up shop, so people probably assumed everyone was closed up. 

At least I covered the cost of the table I rented! I didn't make much more besides that. Definitely not enough for the time I put in of hanging up signs and waking up at 6AM to get ready. Yuck. Not again. I think I'm done for a while! 

I did notice something though that I wanted to share with all of you! If you read my post last week about the last yard sale we had you know I gave some tips about how to sell more stuff. One of them was hanging up the clothes and having good presentation. At last week's yard sale I had my clothes in piles on a blanket. I sold some, but not as much as I would have liked. 

Today, the same two women that came last week came again. They didn't recognize me though, last week I had been at someone elses house, a friend down the street. They looked through the same clothes they had gone through last week, only this time hanging up nicely with prices already marked. Guess what? They bought a ton more! It worked! I had to laugh after they left. 

Overall it was a good experience but I'm definitely done with yard sales for a while! 

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