Wednesday, August 15, 2012

10 Weeks to a Half-Marathon Week 1 - Supporting My Friend

This is a long intro explaining how I am supporting my friend by kind of training for a half-marathon. If you are interested in a training guide, scroll down for a link to one by Fitness Magazine.

A lot of people I know here on Oahu, especially military, will talk about their "best friend on island". I have one such friend, I'll refer to her as my BFFI (see what I did there?). I may have had best friends before her, or ones that live elsewhere and are too far away to see or hear from often, but on this island she's my BFF! My BFFI! 

Anyway, so my BFFI has had a rough couple months. She told me this week she decided she needs a goal to work toward and she picked a half-marathon! Now, this isn't random, she's not crazy. We did the Warrior Dash together (3 miles with 12 obstacles), and later she did a 10K. We talked about half-marathons before but never actually did it. If there ever was a time for a butt-kicking, confidence boosting stunt though, it's now. Half-marathon it is! 

The one BFFI is working towards is about 9 weeks away. She found a cool plan in a magazine that gets you ready in 10 weeks. After she showed it to me I thought, you know, I could do this, kind of. I could try at least. I haven't really run in months, and I've only been working out about once a week, so I think I need something to kick me in the butt too. 

I wish this was me! Look at those legs! Nope, this  photo is courtesy of!

I don't feel confident enough to actually sign up though. I'm starting school again next Tuesday, and we're moving next month, so now isn't exactly the best time to pick up a time consuming activity. HOWEVER, I want to support her and be there to talk to her about it and keep her motivated. So I decided the next best thing would be to follow it as closely as possible and then run a half marathon on my own on the same day! 

Maybe that's a little crazy but I want to do this! Plus then afterwards I may feel confident enough to actually sign up for a real one :) 

Of course if I'm going to do something like this I need to blog about it. I need someone to be held accountable to, so if I go a week without posting some run times I hope you'll find me on Facebook and tell me to get my butt moving

I'll update once or twice a week with my progress, and my weight too, I'm hoping this'll shed a few pounds! 

I'm going to do a combination of two plans that I found. One is the plan BFFI gave me from her magazine, the other is one I found at, click on the link to go to the site, there is one for beginners and intermediate/advanced. You have to sign up to download it, but it's free. No biggie, just do it. 

Yesterday was my first day running. Let me just note here that it was hot as blazes out, but my kids were conveniently at the sitters already and when motivation hits I know better than to tell it "nah, it's ok, I'll do it later", because we all know I won't! I also didn't eat breakfast or lunch (please eat before you run, this is a terrible idea) before I ran, I had a couple cups of coffee and some water, but I'd spent all morning at the dealership getting new tires. Anyway, those are my excuses, and here are my stats :) 

Stats for Tuesday, Aug 14

Mileage: 2.68

Time: 30 minutes

Weight: 168.4

Today was a time trial, the goal was to run 1 mile at an easy pace, then pick it up for 2 miles and time myself. Unfortunately, my phone was dying and I didn't want to use my GPS app, I tried to estimate 3 miles, and obviously I was off. Honestly though, I don't think I could have finished the last .32 miles. I walked some as it was. It was just too hot! 

Next running day is Thursday!


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