Thursday, August 16, 2012

Back To School.. For Mom! #StMU #College

It's been a nice long summer but it's time to get back to school! Only, it's not my kids, it's me! I graduated last May from the University of Hawaii at Manoa with a BA, and now I'll be attending an online program for my MA! I'm so excited. I found out yesterday I was accepted to St. Mary's University in Texas. I'll be studying International Relations, something I'm really interested in! 

I'm nervous about starting though. If you've never taken online classes before then know that they can be a pain. There are ups and downs in every situation, and online courses have flexibility on their side for sure, but there are some definite advantages to sitting in an actual classroom. I don't have much of a choice though. We're moving farther away from Honolulu and to be honest I was sick of the drive. I spent an hour, at least, every day driving to campus and back. That really adds up when you're talking about child care. Not to mention gas! 

Overall, I know this is the best fit for my family. The flexibility will give me options on when I can work on classwork and study, I just hope that I can balance it! 

Classes begin next Tuesday, so I'll already be in the throes of school when we move next month! I just hope I can keep up! 

I should probably start packing now.. but I think I'll take a nap instead :) zzzzz


  1. Almost back to school for me too. Enjoy!

  2. Good Luck! My kids started back to school and I have thought about looking into going back now that I have 7 hrs a day 5 days a week with nothing to do (you can only clean house so much!)

    1. Thanks! Oh man, I can think of SO MANY THINGS I would do with 35 hours a week :)

  3. Hey, good luck! I got my B.A. at UH Manoa, too! The drive is TERRIBLE. I was commuting from Mililani and it was just horrible. Good luck with your online classes!


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