Tuesday, August 28, 2012

#LoveHandmade Sponsor Spotlight - Motherhood Journey: Gifts for Pregnancy, Birth, and Beyond

The Fall in Love With Handmade Giveaway Event is coming up fast! Use hashtag #LoveHandmade to keep up!

Here is another great sponsor for the Grand Prize! Motherhood Journey will be offering up a GPS Bracelet valued at $30! 

This is such a cool, inspirational gift! Shopping for men can be really difficult, tools and ties get really old after a while. Yet it can be just as difficult to find something unique and meaningful that isn't "unmanly"! I think these bracelets are the perfect compromise. They are just manly enough that most guys should feel ok wearing them, and GPS coordinates, although unique to you and meaningful, don't scream "THIS IS THE FIRST PLACE WE KISSED I LOVE YOU SO MUCH SHMOOKIMS!" I hope I'm not the only one who calls their husband shmookims. 

Motherhood Journey makes a lot of other fabulous gifts as well. I'll definitely be adding her Hunger Games jewelry to my Christmas Wish List. I especially like this Hunger Games Necklace with the phrase "real or not real". 

You may be wondering what products Motherhood Journey makes that are related to being a mom (besides reading the Hunger Games). Let me tell you she makes some cool ones! This Breastfeeding Nursing Bracelet is perfect for any nursing mom, new or veteran. As well as her line of beautiful Nursing Necklaces to keep tiny hands busy while breastfeeding. Mr. C needs like 3 of these!

Motherhood Journey has beautiful gifts for both men and women. I really recommend checking out her shop to see her other great items! 

Look for the GPS Bracelet in the Fall in Love With Handmade Grand Prize Giveaway!  


  1. These would make great Christmas gifts. They are beautiful.

  2. I can think of so many people that would love these! I agree they would make great gifts! Thank you so much for sharing!

  3. I have such a hard time buying for the men in my life, thanks for the great idea!

  4. So unique! I love gifts like this!

  5. hahahaha I don't call my hubby shmookims but I may start because that just is fun to say! I love the bracelet and the idea behind it! I already have cords in mind!

  6. So cute! I might have to get hubby one with the coordinates of his Grandmother's house. We spent a lot of time together there, playing dominoes with his Grandmother. He proposed at her house. About 2 years after we got married the house was sold and she moved in with family as she had gotten unable to care for herself. I drove by the house a week or two ago and it was for sale. We are happy where we are, or we'd jump on it as it holds so much sentimental meaning to both of us.

  7. I love the GPS bracelet what an awesome idea!!

  8. Motherhood Journey has some great products. The GPS bracelet is definitely a unique item. Sounds like something "fun" to give your man.

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