Thursday, August 23, 2012

Sponsor Spotlight - Live Beautifully All Natural Body Products Deodorant

If you haven't heard, the Fall in Love With Handmade Giveaway Event is only a little over a week away! I'm super excited because the sponsors we'll be featuring are all WAHMs and small businesses. All selling fantastic products! 

Today I'd like to shine the spotlight on Live Beautifully: All Natural Body Products. I got a chance to review their deodorant, which will be the giveaway item in the Event's Grand Prize! 

Here are some of the ingredients included in the deodorant: Beeswax, Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, Baking Soda, Corn Starch, and Essential Oils. 

Live Beautifully Deodorant is not an antiperspirant, which contain harmful chemicals that prevent our bodies from naturally sweating and may even cause cancer

"All antiperspirants contain aluminum zirconium tetrachlorohydrex. This possible cancer causing agent stops sweat by filling your pores with aluminum salts and essentially blocking sweat from exiting your body."
When you put it like that it makes me really not want to use the store brand stuff anymore!

I've been playing around with natural products, but I've never bought natural deodorant. I've been using Secret all my life, which is what I grew up using. I like it fine; it works well if I remember to put it on first thing in the morning. If I have a rough day out in the sun then usually by mid afternoon it begins to wear off. Also, if I forget to put it on then remember later in the day, it only works about half as well. I'm sure you know what I mean! 

The day my deodorant came in the mail it was hot. Really hot. I was outside all morning cleaning up the yard, dragging toys around, mowing, weed whacking, using the electric cutters on this beast of a plant growing around my fence, all while trying to keep my children in the yard (we don't have a fence that goes all the way around). Of course I had also forgotten to put any deodorant on that morning. I smelled ;) 

ANYWAY, so that's the scenario I'm working with here. Here comes the mail with my new deodorant. I bring it in and immediately put some on. It smells great, a lot like other natural products I have for my kids. I got the Summer Fields scent. It goes on clear, which is a plus for those (like me) who don't shave every day. Don't be shy, you know who you are. It happens. 

I was so impressed. The deodorant completely covered up the sun and sweat smell I was putting off. I'm not gonna be shy here either, I smelled, it was hot, and that deodorant did the trick. I never would have thought it would work better than the store brand.. but it did! 

Since then I've been using this everyday. I've stuck my Secret deodorants in the diaper bag and the car as back ups, but I haven't wanted to use them at all. This stuff is fantastic and I'm never going back! There's even a men's version called Urban Breeze. I like the name ;) I think I'll pick that up for Mr. Eight and see if I can convince him to use it! 

Live Beautifully has a blog where you can keep up with the goings ons behind the scenes. Check out their Etsy shop and give them a little love <3

Keep an eye out for the Live Beautifully All Natural Deodorant in the Fall in Love With Handmade Giveaway Event September 1st! You could win some for yourself and you'll see what I mean! 


  1. I love all natural soaps and shampoo's. I never even thought of deoderant!

  2. Love handmade all natural products!!

  3. Love that something all natural and handmade worked as well as the chemical filled stuff. Sometimes it is hard to change habits, but not as hard when it is chemical free and works!

  4. Hi Savannah ~

    Thanks so much for the awesome write up! Good luck to everyone in the giveaway, we can't wait for someone to win a try of our deodorants :)

    Nicole & Aaron,
    Live Beautifully


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